Steam account was hacked and my lost ark account was used for RMT

yesterday someone hacked my steam account and used it for RMT and they tried access my email. I looked at my login logs and they were logging in from china. When I tried to appeal they said around 350k gold was received on the account and my account was banned for 3 months… which kinda sucks because clown is just around the corner and I was prepping to make a scouter all month but I was fighting this hacker for the past few days where I finally was able to secure my account and put all my 2FA factors back on. Idk where else to go as I tried appealing with a ticket but I just get automated response and I would hate to spam them with appeal tickets. Kinda sad at this point I accumulated 1500+ hours to the game just for it to be ruined for in game gold scandal.

you can try and see if steam can get you like a confirmation that there was an actual hack in writing to present to AGS and hope they will accept it.

but at the end of the day the account owner is responsible for their account security.

Much luck

Hello @Reo welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

Really sorry to hear about that your account was being used without your authorization.

Thanks for letting us know, please make sure you have updated your password and any security information!

For security, I recommend you to contact AGS Support to create a ticket on your hacking case, just to provide feedback and verify that your Lost Ark account or Amazon account are not compromised. Here is the contact information:

Hope this helps.

Tried all those but I get automated responses that and I really don’t want to keep spamming appeal tickets for the same answer.

I am sorry to hear that, were you reaching us as an appeal or were you trying to contact us directly?

I tried contacting for a appeal and directly but I keep being denied for my case at all I want to provide this proof to show that it wasn’t me and I was dealing with a account problem this past week.

I understand, let me try to escalate the issue from my end, may I have the name of one of your character and the server its located in? this should let me find the account

Also as a side note, as @Kiyoshi mentioned, do you have any emails or contacts with Steam that could confirm what happened with the account? -Remember to not send it trough here if it contains personal information-

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Is there anywhere else I can send you this info so you can look at it? It’s a steam support email with my email but I do not want to post it here

Sadly I am not able to as we are not allowed to send/receive Private messages, that can only be send trough an email to customer service

Is there a email I can forward this email to by chance

My name is Reo and I play on NAW Mari

Got it, let me check if I can create the ticket with that info, if that email is required to proceed with the ticket I will find the best option for you to send it trough a private channel

Edit: Ok just created the ticket, they will take some time to reply (normally should be within 3 days at most) if I have any updates I will update you on this same post!

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Thank you please do let me know

Thank you hopefully I can get this resolved before clown release I really appreciate it

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Hey fostus just wanted to check if there was any updates at all?

Hey @Reo!

Sorry for the late update, I was waiting to see if the issue was going to be resolved by the end of my shift.

Let me fill you in on what has happened until now, currently we received a notification from the team that was checking your case and they are mentioning that the LA account is not showing any inconsistencies with logins, I am adding the screenshots you already provided through this post and check if there are further updates from their end.

Hopefully we get a resolution soon enough, Cheers!

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okay sounds good I can also forward 2 emails as well thank you! that my email was being changed and there was a request from another country as well.

So they had a access to your acc since sept 14?

Yeah apparently so I never checked my login history till recently after I got my suspension I wasn’t home too much for a few days till I noticed it not to long ago and poked through my emails that a steam guard and my email being changed on my account lol my card wasn’t being used or anything just my email and steam being used, But I’ve been waiting for the clown update and been playing other games so this only looked more into it till I got a suspension. I never noticed anything different or anything I did my usual routine of dailies and weeklies lol

That’s unlucky man i hope everything gets sorted for you so you wont miss clown