Steam account was hacked and my lost ark account was used for RMT

You rmted and got caught then pretend that you got hacked. i just can’t, please try something smarter

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RMT is cheating for sure, but it’s not closely related to hacking. Those are 2 very different things. Bots/RMt’ers, all simple, basic, dumb petty theft. Point is, you seem full of it

Generally speaking they don’t overturn bans even if an account has been hacked. Not even sure why Fostus is wasting both his own time and Reos time opening tickets. Written very clearly in the TOS. You are responsible for your account and everything that happens on your account regardless of who is logged into it.

@Reo my advice to you would be to learn from this. Never link your steam guard to your email. Especially if your email uses the same password as your steam account. Steam guard should always be linked to a mobile device either a phone or a tablet. People are always trying to crack accounts to turn a profit. Even if your account gets unbanned odds are it has likely been entirely cleaned out. If you got lucky they left your characters intact. Your gold/items are almost certainly history though and even if they wanted to AGS does not have the ability to restore them.

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I mean all you guys giving me flak for this what was I supposed to do I wasn’t even aware till any of this popped up yet I already feel like shit for even being in this position in the first place I had to talk to steam go through every password and 2FA, you guys don’t have to give me sympathy or anything it’s unfortunate that this happen if you believe me or not I redid every security measure. I even had to hard reset my computer just be even sure. Don’t know what else to say it is my responsibility that whatever happens to my account is on me I get that but it’s just a series of unfortunate events man just trying to see if anything can even be done if not oh well.

Just checkin again you got any updates today?

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Hello @Reo.

Thank you for your patience, I just got an update, the team checked the logs for your account and it seems that the ban will be upheld as we are unable to confirm from our end that the account was taken over.

Hope you have a great rest of your day.