Steam Achievements Bug

I have gotten achievements that i am not even close to unlocking. Like Sell 20,000 items, Obtain 200 treasure maps, Put 500 cards in your catalog.
I am nowhere close to any of those yet i got them all unlocked. There is something wrong triggering the achievements.


Same here, won 1 duel got “Win 200 duels” achievement, but only on Steam, in game it tracks correctly, for Adventurer of West Luterra achievement I especially remember, trigerred it with 10% of completion, basic training for 40k attacks? Not even using basic attacks.
Achievements so far I have found that are not working (for me) by name:
“Duel Victory”
“Card Collector”
“Something buried”
“Scoring Sheet Music” (Had to get 3, Song of Return+Charm+Valor and it activateed)
“Surprise Me” (I am sure I did not complete 250 sudden quests at feb 9th)
“Skill Research” (I may activated 15 skill levels not 150)
“Basic Training” (maybe I did around 400-4000 basic attacks not 40 THOUSAND)
“Adventurer of X” (activates when you reach 10%)

But on the otherhand, “Elite? As if” achievement triggered after exactly 20 elites


Yep, same here.
I know i love the game but, unlocking Tier 3 in 2 days from game start, getting 500 cards or unlokcing level 50 in logging and foraging, even without sleeping, that’s a bit to much :smiley:


And for completion, i’m only 50% in every zone in Luterra.

Yeah same here. I know I definitely haven’t sold 20000 items or collected 200 treasure maps, but I have the achievements for them!

Another reply for attention. Things popping for the first achievement in a series rather than the last.

I am also having this bug.