Steam Achievements

I see several discrepancies between in game and on steam achievements… but not the point today.

I would like to know if anyone noticed that “Field Boss” I, II, and III achievements on Steam, anywhere in in game ahievement menu?

I have definitely killed all Field Bosses I several times, except Roblom (but I assume thats Rolven? Unless that’s a hidden world boss I don’t know of?)

Also Extended Manor says reach level 2 and I have already lv2 for a long time and just started lv3 Manor research, maybe this one needs to hit max Manor level for both in game and steam to tick?

I know im a bit late but saw this thread when I was searching the same issue.

The problem is every steam achievement with world bosses are broken atm. (everyone has 0% on all three achievements.) I’m sure they will fix it later on just like mokoko achievement.

Yeah that WAS the case until this Monday. I think they just did not have those achievements in game until Monday hotfix.

Because on Monday I decided to help someone fight the world boss in Arthetine (not Signatus) and I just saw the in game achievement pop a count for world boss achievement for the first time.

Should be able to unlock those now, by going back kill all the world bosses required.