Steam Key for Founder

Hello guys, someone know how head start works in steam?

I guess we’ll found out all together.
My guess is just as good as yours but i assume we’ll just double click on it and have access granted to us, no extra steps, simple just like that.

Assuming you purchased your Founder’s Pack on Steam, you will be able to just start playing tomorrow at 9 AM PT


Hey Roxx, some players on LA discord says that it says “Coming Feb 8th” on their steam page. It says “Coming Feb 11” even though I have headstart. Is this a possible glitch?

If what Yin said is true, I would like a clarification, too.

I also have a Founder’s Pack but says Coming 11th of February. It could be the above information is false, but a clarification would help clear this up.

My Steam says the 11th too even though it shows me having the Platinum DLC. Hopefully we don’t get screwed tomorrow.

hello, question if I got my DCL like this already I should be good to enter tomorrow right?

Based on Roxx’s response, yes :slight_smile:

i appreciate it