Steam points redeem

Since the game is being supported by Steam for payments and such are we will be able to redeem those millions of points we have earned on Steam by spending in LostArk. Not having the ability to spend all those points back in the game where you earned them is frustrating and seeing at the same time mostly every other game has the self redeem option in steam, even converting your points to silver will be a great option

Are you referring to the points that you can use to purchase stuff for your steam profile? I don’t think those points can be used to purchase stuff in any game. Rather it’s just another way to glam out and customize your profile. Could be wrong on that though. I’ve never used any of my points and until you posted this I’ve never really even bothered looking at the points store.

Many games do have option in Steam to redeem them it’s for very limited items for those games but many have it, redeem option for them is done via steam not ingames general but the partnership there should give some option for redemption

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Interesting. Would be nice to see more games take advantage of that.

You’re basically asking for a mileage shop.

They wont do it because they wanted to do something with the amethyst shards instead. I gues because it allows the people that dont spend anything to also feel included…

Basically, if youre a paying customer they dont hold any more value to you than the bots providing inflated player counts.