Steam profile ban not being removed

Context: I was unbanned 4 days ago

but my steam account still says I am banned despite the fact I can still play the game

So I contact Amazon Lost Ark CS who says that I need to contact Steam to remove my ban, Steam is saying I need to contact Amazon to get it removed, so it’s an endless front and back “go ask mom, go ask dad” situation.

So what do I do? Because no one is helping me with this.

I should add that my friend who got unbanned yesterday got this message on their steam right after.

Clearly stating it’s “on behalf of the Lost Ark team”

Hello! :mage:

I understand that a past Lost Ark ban that has been lifted is still showing up on your Steam Account. Unfortunately, we are totally unable to handle information regarding in-game bans in the forums, as we do not handle any information!

However, contacting Steam Support seems like a good way to be able to fix it, since on the game’s side you are no longer banned, according to what the email said. Are you having any issues logging into the game due to this situation?

Thank you for your patience.

This is an issue that a number of players are experiencing right now. There is an error between lost ark and steam. This needs to be elevated to someone that can investigate. Its not exclusive to bans either. There are also issues with steam unlimited accounts not having trusted status despite being unlimited for weeks now.

Hey can you tell me in which topic you contacted Steam? Provide a link maybe as well. I tried twice on different topics and I am not able to get a response from them.