Steam Wallet usable in Lost Ark?


this is my first time posting here so I hope I am in the correct section.
I am a total noob in using Steam (in fact, I didnt even had Steam installed until Lost Ark released). So it comes to no surprise that my Account is currently flagged as “not trusted”.
I’d like to change that. From what I’ve heard and read you would have to spend 5€ on Steam for your account to become “trusted”. Now since I don’t really want to buy any other game, I’d like to spend those 5€ on Lost Ark.
Is it possible to purchase something in game using your Steam Wallet as payment method?
Or would spending something in game (using Paypal for example) also count towards making my Steam account trusted?

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend!

should be able to get like the starter pack or something like that

Thats already helpful, thanks.
However I did not plan to spend more than the required 5€ so maaaaybe there is another way?

Buy Wallpaper Engine, which is roughly 4€, and just pick some random indie game for 1€.

Wallpaper Engine lets you replace your desktop background to animated one, and variety of wallpapers is huge.
(There is an editor tool, so all wallpapers are community-made)

1€ game can be anything, there is always games for super low prices, if the wallpaper engine isnt your thing, you might find some AAA-game for sale of 1-5€!

I don’t know where you are.
Everything you want to buy with money in Lost Ark here in Europe goes thru steam. And therefore you actually need to use your steam wallet. At least i have not seen any other option.

are you able to just load $5 onto your wallet? I’m not sure it will work though

You can add just the equivalent of 5 USD onto your Wallet thought mind, you have to wait for 30 Days till you are trusted

In the US the cheapest crystal pack is $9.99 and you can use steam wallet funds to purchase it.