Steam won't start update. What can I do?

same issue here. Was playing for a few hours today. Had to restart my pc and now the game is saying it needs an update and then says No internet connection. But I have one. Other steam games launch just fine.

@roxx - please help us.

thats why i sad probably? :eyes:

Alright misha walk us through the trouble shooting here what are we doing.

steam error occurred while updating Lost Ark (manifest unavailable)
also getting the no internet thing like the others as well.

Same. Server by default in steam is US Atlanta. Tried other US servers as well as switching it to Australia - still says content servers unreachable.

Steam servers must be down for updates which means if you’re not up to date even with small hot fixes or already in the game will keep getting this error and be unable to launch game.

“Content servers unreachable” when trying to launch game from steam or “failed to update lost ark” from steam.

Unfortunately something like this is more than likely a Steam-side issue – would suggest reaching out to Valve support or digging in on that end!!

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i dont know? Sorry i just sad that i downloaded it without problems which i did? I didnt meant to offend

I think this has nothing to do with them. I have one other game on steam that want’s to update and is doing same thing. so don’t think it’s just lost ark.

Same. I even tried to reinstall whole game and now I am stuck on connection timeout

dozens of us having the exact same issue and you’re not so it’s probably on our end. LMAO

Must be steam then

This is a huge issue. Lost Ark not Steam. All my other steam games work fine. Steam is working fine. Lost Ark clearly messed something up with the patch. This is only going to grow into a larger issue Roxx.

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It is most likely a steam issue, but as far as I know at least in the US we HAVE to play your game through steam. So it’s helpful when you as a company reach out to steam to help resolve the issue rather than ask the thousands of people who are about to be affected by this currently to reach out themselves

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This happens somewhat often for me w/ other games that when I click the download icon it just never does anything, so it’s probably not applicable to OP where says No internet connection.
If yours is saying no internet connection I can only assume a dns issue for whatever URL steam is trying to reach because the download prompt went away after restarting steam for me.
You can open a case w/ steam here:

+1 Reckons no internet connection. Perfectly fine browsing steam store to buy other games that actually work. Go shopping on ebay. Can do everything except LAUNCH LOST ARK!!

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just no

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Just go to r/ steam on Reddit and click “new”. Multiple new posts about launching games/updating games and steam issues as of 30 minutes ago. Something happened steam side about that time


Just got home and need to do my dailies, steam giving me this error saying no connection while using my internet normally. Please fix it asap thanks.

Same problem here !

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