Steaming hot spring afk kick, less than 10 seconds after battle starts

i wanted to do the event steaming hot spring joinded it over the punika entrance and pressed g like all other then i didnt move after joining it until the battle starts i waited people joined and the event loaded so that we can start to fight i turned around moved literaly 1 meter an got kicked because of afk oh im sorry i didnt knew that you cant wait until the event starts without moving or else you will get kicked ive lost now the quest got nothing out of it annd cant enter again please fix this shit anf fix you afk timer setiing it to 60 mins and getting kicked averagly around 20 min mark just wtf and no serious explanation to this and the topic is now as old as lost ark and no one has interest in fixing it

your title says you got kicked after 10 secs


you didnt do anything at the waiting room thats over 1 minute
then you got into the next waiting room , where you pick your Bonker-> still not moving
then the game starts and you got kicked ?

thats well over 2 minutes → not 10 secs

for me thats is a well designt AFK prevention

you deserve your lockout

yes you are right my english is not the best i think you misunderstood me with the title i meant the seconds after the battle starts , in the waiting room you have to wait for other players tho join first of all why does this even count if the game is programmed to let you wait ? second yes it was also my mistake for not moving all the time to prevent the afk counter then and thirdly that the game kicks you if you will not imedieatly pick you hammer or bonkers and move forward to wait in thefrontline to battle hmm not really player friendly in my opinion but it doesnt mean im right ^^ just never expiereinced soemthing like this in other events

i changed the tilte hope it is better now for what i wanted to describe

its a PvP event with factions

most other events are single player or all player events

first like you said on your own, the lobby has to fill up some times to reach max
that need some time
the second “room” i think is against bots and afkers and also devides the people into 2 factions, if you dont pick an bonk and dont move , you are “suspicious”
while the event- if one side has afkers , they have a major disadvantage against the other side
that is something which gives others a bad feeling , ( you can see it easy on medaia , slime, Snowpang, all have afk issues)

i did saw it before : Naruni Race at the beginning of the game
if you werent moving and the race starts , you got kicked

same thing , 2 faction anti AFK prevention

press G entering 1st Room

press G to enter 2nd room

3min afk before match start

if u didnt enter 2nd room in time u got kicked