Still about express mission!

First of all, I’m new to the game. So don’t expect me to have waited any change in the Express Mission event. If you’re used to the hits and misses and know what to do about it, congratulations.

I made the mistake of using Express Mission on the main character. Okay.

As there was nothing to do, I claimed all the rewards (after all, I invested my harvests in lower tiers) by the same logic many players do not delete their bound T1 and T2 materials when they reach T3. In other words, it was better to keep it.

Well, now there is an official announcement about the changes in Express Mission and it will be of no use to me, as I will not be able to transfer it to my alt. The sad part is that I don’t have any T3 alt.

In other words, it changed and didn’t solve anything for people who made the same mistake as me.

By the way, not a single word about those missing engraving recipes…

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