Still can’t use matchfinder

it’s been 1 week and the matchfinder still doesn’t work in eu. I don’t know if it works in NA, but you can’t join Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids or even Solo Tower in the evening because it simply doesn’t work.
How can you wait so long for such a major component of the game? This just frustrates the players


it ‘‘works’’ eventually. Just need to spend 15 minutes constantly trying.

it works fine when servers not overcrowded but this indie company cant scale them … or lock nw player creation in old ones

Yeah, no.
I’ve been trying to queue up for both solo and matchmaking for almost 2 hours now, and nothing.

It takes 30min-2hours to join one instance depending on your luck…

Its starting to piss me off badly tbh

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Are you new to MMORPGs?

Even games that have been out for years sometimes the queue for matchmaking can take awhile.

ESO DPS =20min - 1hr
WoW dps = 20 min -1hr

I ran two solo Chaos Dungeons and a solo tower last night.

It will settle down, its all because MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people are enjoying the game.

It really needs fixed ASAP, I have wasted hours every day just by simply trying to be lucky enough for the matchmaking/find party to work, its just simply unplayable, please FIX this, now!

This has been going on for way too long now and has not been fixed/resolved :rage:

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u trolling?
this has nothing to do with dd or anything else.
the matchfinder does not work because it is completely overloaded. You can’t even get into the queue because it stops before.

In both ESO and WoW you’re not forced to queue and requeue constantly for hours to get into the dungeon because the server is failing, the queuetime is simply longer because DPS is in surplus.

Let’s also not forget that you can queue up for content and then do other stuff while waiting, whereas the server issues here means you have to stand still at the board and basically do nothing.

I don’t think it’s comparable in the slightest

Yes, I addressed that…

I understand that and why I added this little nugget at the end.

this. I cannot even enter dungeons solo most of the evenings now. has been going on for the whole week. would be nice to aknowledge the issue and keep us posted. doing dungeons, especially with other people, should work in an mmo, at least after a few days of being broken. im just saying.

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it is really funny that the problem only applies in eu while in na everything works without problems

Think I randomly discovered a little fix for this. Yesterday it took me on average 15min to do random matchmaking in Vern Castle, so I decided to do the rest of my chaos dungeon weekly quest later. I clicked F2, teleported to my Stronghold then I got a quest to talk to Thirain, so I did Song of escape in my Stronghold to check in on Thirain. Before I went to Thirain I checked the matchmaking queue in Luterra Castle and it worked flawlessy.
Maybe there is a connection with the server load that many people queue up at the same location. Vern Castle is extremely populated at times.

TLDR: Try and queue from less populated places like Castle Luterra (to go to Luterra fast, just do song of escape from your Stronghold)

Agree. Trying all the time but it times out. Terrible experience. :S