Still can't access Punika + Cube lag

my sorc can’t access punika still for whatever reason, even though she’s 1445 & has been parked there for the better part of the year. since reset she’s been locked out and if I click the “move to another port” option it yeets me to feiton, where she’s actually never been.

also, in cube, i’ve noticed that when you enter a new floor, the entire party will occasionally be stuck and wont move while the mobs wail on you and the clock ticks. this has happened in pugs and in lobbies of just my friends where we all had good ping…

Hi there! I’ve moved this over to the support section.

got same problem on my 1526 sh

You now have to complete all areas in the game. This of course means doing earlier quests to advance. You say you have not been in Feiton - that is the reason you cannot go to Punika, you have to complete all story quests in Feiton first.

say sike rn

CM’s have already confirmed this btw.

Damn that’s rough, guess I’ll just knowledge transfer when we get the QOL or something lmfao