Still cant use 20% event honing books

As the title says. Still can’t see or use 20% honing books in honing screen.

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embarrassing, you’d think they’d at least test their product out before giving it the thumbs up, these guys must work for the government because the amount of complacency is right up there

I just think it’s funny how it was a major fix in patch, because it was first on patch notes. And it still didn’t get fix. KEKW. @Roxx???

they only had 30 minutes more don’t expect too much :sweat_smile:

Don’t worry they will fix it soon…By removing that line from the patch note :joy:


Ye same, can´t see books and expiring date is still next week
Feels gud men

SG is doing a real bad job on this.

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Nice work AGS embarassing as always



Mine work

typical AGS
can’t even deploy simple fixes

Maybe post ur server and region if they didn’t/did work.
I’m EUC Neria, and mine worked.


my books r now updated and work fine :smiley:

Based on previous experience, this is most logical thing to do by AGS standard :joy: