Still dc'ing and you do nothing

so with an “exploit” you manage to do an emergency maintenance almost immediatly, while the servers are beeing trash for a week and you do nothing? will there be any informations finally coming on what is happening or are you still going to be silent about it ? will the server issues be resolved tomorrow with the BIG patch? i can only fear for the worst on whats actually going to happen tomorrow given your record…

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Lost 10 minutes of Platinum field cause DC’ed again.

In my first 700 hours before my break (with headstart) I had two DC’s.
Came back with Reaper announcement, 6 DC’s since last week with lost entries.

Where is the emergency maintenance here?
Oh yeah I forgot, they are aware…

yep and they dont give a damn about it or atleast inform on whats actually the issue/how they are going to handle it. the only thing that came to that matter was “we are forwarding it to the team to look into” :slight_smile:

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just to add to this i got my 4th dc today since 11am
did the island now (monte island), got a dc from the server in the middle of the event and guess what :slight_smile:
my id has been claimed and i got 0 rewards.
@Roxx can this please get adressed ASAP because i highly doubt this will get fixed tomorrow since theres still been dead silence about it.