Still d/cing for real this is getting stupid

Yes, it’s a nonsence.
The whole issue is caused by auth. server / EAC spyware bug on AGS’s side apparently. Don’t even start with particular players’ PC specs please!

That’s a win dude, you’ll get a reset ticket in your mail

yeah will wait for the mail :stuck_out_tongue: still no ticket :smiley: but another dc :smiley: this time argos :stuck_out_tongue:

somehow i have a feeling it’s worse than yesterday.

If it makes you feel any better i’m down 1 BR 1 Cube and a Guardian so far as I claw through all the weekly shit across my roster.

I’m avoiding Legion Raids for today just to see if there is anything from AGS about this. If not, another week of hell in disconnect valley.

will do the same. sounds better than lockout and no gold for the week -.-

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my game keeps closing to desktop without explanations -_-‘’


don’t talk shit if you have no knowledge on the subject.
refrain from saying anything for the love of god.

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this is the 14th time today