Still disabled?

Hi. Is that possible for having more informations about Punika’s pass ? And others pass btw also ? It’s been 11 Days disabled, everything is ready to use. So please, keep us in touch about it …

They provided an update earlier this week.

Update that basically gave us no ETA for a possible fix / return of the pass.

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Lol that’s not really an “update”.

It’s just repeating the same thing they already said.


Yeah, that’s the update. They’re working on it, they don’t have an ETA. If they had an ETA they would’ve said it, but since they don’t that’s the whole update.

How many times does Roxx have to say this for threads about the powerpass situation stop being made? Swear to god this is like the third time she’s said this.

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You can try to use common sense and reason but many of the forum andies just dont understand. I even saw one genius ask why would they disable it without an immediate fix. It makes my brain hurt trying to figure out some of these posts.

What an amazing answer For real. it give so much informations…

Whats the update? That were working on it and cant tell any dates like usual :joy:

Please keep calm, a roadmap for the ETA will be released soon TM.

There should be more threads about it until we get a real answer. It’s ridiculous that they’ve been disabled this long already. Especially considering there isn’t anything wrong with them in the first place, they are punishing normal players while they try to find a way to prevent botters from abusing them. The Powerpasses work as intended.


I’m 100% with you man. The point is, yes, 10 days ago we didnt had the Passes to upgrade our characters, yes. But it’s like when uve a kid, u give him a Candy on your hand, then u close it and say, ah finally ill give u later. I see that on this way tbh … Haha.

Honestly they should make some efforts to give answer with more details, we get punished for bots and thats reaaally not fair

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Im curious how you know there is nothing wrong. Then why they would be disabled if nothing was wrong.

Because they just want to screw the players. (No, I don’t actually think this. But this is the mentality of this forum community)

You must be aware that the general consensus is that they were disabled due to bot abuse? In which case it is fair to say that they did work as intended.

But that’s just an assumption, fair enough. Then, maybe the fact that no actual reason was provided support the opinion that AGS’ communication on the matter is mediocre, wouldn’t you say so?

Because Powerpasses work as intended. The only reason they are disabled is because botters were abusing chargebacks and fraudulent credit cards to buy them and boost bots for farming/selling. This is a problem I’m honestly unsure how they can solve.

No, because I dont need to know the actual reason. Why would I? There is a problem that needs fixed. Why would it matter to me what the specific problem is? What would that change? They told us there is an issue and they are trying to fix it. Seems like adequate communication to me.

Sure, who likes transparency :roll_eyes:

Tell me how knowing the exact issue with the problem matters whatsoever. Does that fix the problem any sooner? Does it just make you feel better?

Of course I would like to know more about the issue. So would a lot of people judging by the forum. Also, if the general consensus is wrong and powerpass were not working as intended, I reckon most would consider good practice to restore the truth.

I can’t believe you wouldn’t understand that and truely feel like you are operating in bad faith.

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No. Tell me how you or anyone else knowing what lines of code are messed up or how exactly it is broken would impact you whatsoever. Seriously, what does it matter and what would it change? We know it is not working as intended and they are trying to correct it. Why would you honestly need to know any more? Is it just to make you feel better or would it change how you are playing the game? I am trying to understand this mentality. It just seems completely unnecessary to me because at the end of the day it doesnt change the problem they are working on.