Still haven't got Valtan re-entry ticket

It’s been over I can’t even remember how long. Where’s the valtan re-entry ticket players are supposed to get after the the 10sec window maintenance…?

I don’t think you will find a solution in the forum, less in the feedback section. Luck!

Sent support ticket about 100 times now. Same response as always, “The system will give it to you soon.” And here I am after 9999999 days…

And how does posting this here help? Mr. Anxiety, is that you?

Has nothing to do with you. I do what i want. Mr. Big pants, is that u?

oh, you were a child, sorry!

Hey! I found another forum degen :smiley:


Currently there is no way to restore items or to give items to players. Because of a DC you got locked out of the instance. There is a small opportunity that you will get a Valtan run ticket refunded within 48 hours.

But only if it is server DC related, then you might be eligible for it.

If not, you will have to sit a week out.

If you are going with a team of friends, ask them to wipe to prevent the weekly lock out.

Please read this post for the full information about this:

They are doing a fix for gate 2 tickets, probably super backlogged at this point.

I and a few guildies affected by this aren’t spending any more money on the game until we get our tickets, maybe 2p from here lol.