Still massive queues for every server

I’ve been waiting over 20 minutes in a 5000+ queue for a server on NA West.

This is ridiculous. How is it not solved by now!?

Hello @Pallyescobar,

I’m really sorry to hear about the situation with excessive long queue.

At this moment our devs are aware of some server stability situations but you can rest assure that they are working non-stop to resolve the issue.

Could you please share me on which server are you playing exactly?

Thanks for your patience! :sparkles:

I’m on Shandi Server for NA West. There was a 7K queue this morning at 8am, and when I try logging on 20 mins ago, 11:30pm there is a 3.6K queue. It appears the queue is dropping a roughly 100 per minute.

With such masses of bots running around and builidng trains ie. near the Vern Chaos portal I don’t think the queue will decrease anytiime soon. Wel if all but the bots left the game, problem will be solved itself.

The queues are much better these days. Kudos for fixing it for now.

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