Still no Aura/Shop

my crystalline aura is still missing, shop also not working since yesterday

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Same here (EU - Zinnervale)

I activated the free aura (3 Days) at 01:00am, 5 hours later it dissapeared.

Exiting game, exiting Steam, nothing happend, still missing.

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Again no aura and no shop

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Aura gone today and crystals.

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Same issue here. Patch didn’t fix it for me at all. Can’t enter store, my crystals are gone, my aura is gone. What a joke.

Neria EU Central
Character: Charan

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Hello all, i just logged in and i have lost my 30day aura and the items i had available to claim.

Server - Thirain EU

thanks, just notice Im missing that too.

AND here we go again
Char: Blubbi
Server: Central EU/Astra