Still no bound materials update

Still no update on bound items being able to store in Roster Storage. Great

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Because it’s never coming


If they changed the Bound materials they would also have to change the honing chances.
It would also make twinks even more mandatory then they are now.

Until they change something in Korea you don’t even have to ask for one over here.

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In KR and other regions, the untradable materials are roster bound?

Nah, it’s the same as here. I do want the character bound stuff to be roster bound though. I have too many useless healing potions and random assorted crap on my characters that would be great to use for leveling 1-50.

no, they are not.

Could you imagine if they actually did this? I’ve been keeping my old mats in my various characters banks. But tonnes of people just sold or deleted bound mats, the outrage if they suddenly changed it would be massive.

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It wouldn’t be an outrage. It’ll be a massive thank you instead.
@Roxx Have mentioned that they’ll pass on the feedback to the dev team.
Great number of players here is onboard with this change. Would make character progressing much quicker rather then stuck at the base and do it all over again. Why do you think they are pushing everyone to the newer content. Aka the events, powerpass etc.

Would be nice, even for shards that are just dead weight in my t3 characters bags

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Oh I’m sure there would be alot of thankyou’s. But you haven’t been on the forums long if you don’t think they’d be a massive amount of outrage as well. People blowing up at AGS for not doing it sooner or something because they have now deleted all their old materials.

Not saying its a bad change, it should 100% happen. I just know people will come here to cry and complain.

its my biggest wish for the game. but they would never change it. people with 15 characters like me, would get immediately new characters / classes from t1 to t3. with all the bound items we cant use yet. at least they can give us informations how they would do it in another way or take us the hope

There is another way for them to do it. Is having a NPC that allows you to exchange Honing Mats. So it’ll be a ratio to ratio. For example (Bound)Tier 1 Blues x1000 for Tier 2 Blues x500(Unbound).
I’m actually surprised that nobody has suggested such a thing on the forums yet. Maybe @Roxx Could take note of this and pass it on.

Kindly bump this old thread and see if we can get a response from Roxx regarding this who had said they are looking into it again.

people crying that they don’t have any gold and you guys want to destroy the market even more with this “harmless QoL” change. if you thought alt play was good it’s now mandatory if this change would go through

i already had the same idea. and i think other people already suggested it. i mean its not hard to come on this idea

My opinion :They are just copy pasting KR stuff in their order . They will never adapt to Community feedback. I bet there isn’t even a single developer of smilegate assigned to work on new stuff for EU/NA