Still no official release date for clown?

Dude stop trying to make people uncomfortable with insults when you really can’t read. and yes, it has a date.

AGS intentionally stay very vague when it comes to setting a direct date. All signs point to the 28th, but should something explode in the meantime and everything gets pushed ahead a week or two it gives them a (weak) out.

The real question is how long does everyone think Maintenance will be on the 28th :stuck_out_tongue:

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The same people saying “it’s the 28th stop asking” will be the same ones saying they never gave us a date if it gets delayed at the last second.

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Don’t listen to people who pretend like they announced anything, beyond clown being mentioned for 2nd September update.

They did say it would be a big update, which includes Scouter, clown, etc… But we know that SM has issues getting content ready for the Western version of the game, so it’s understandable that you would appreciate a fixed release date.

People forget that we got multiple posts (general explanation, academy, etc.) for Vykas when it was released. Think they started a week before patch.
Given that we haven’t seen any such posts for clown, it isn’t unreasonable to expect a delay. Especially as there is a practice mode for this new legion raid, which they will need to explain before release.

If we don’t see anything over the next few days, it would suggest that they have to push back clown release.