Still no patch update on steam, is maintenance going as planned?

Any CMs can give us an update ? is it going as planned or there will be a delay ?
Thank you.

bump for visibility

Yeah I’m also thinking it’s gonna get delayed

jesus.christ. the maintenance lasts for another 45 minutes.

for servers I know, chill. Just asking about the update on steam which comes earlier usually.

As far as I have read, it is still down. According to what was posted earlier, it was supposed to be an 8 hour downtime, so maybe one more hour maybe?

I read on the forums some people said some servers were back up, but at least my West Coast one is not up yet.

They said 8 hours “minimum” it’s been 7 so far, you will get your dopamine fix soon, keep calm.


Given how past ones have gone, I’m expecting at least 3 required hotfixes… :stuck_out_tongue:


just for the update, not servers. Since it’s 8 hours, so I expect like 5gb or more.

@Roxx pls give us a sign

All joking aside have a backup plan for the emergency maintenance 30min after servers come up, im being dead serious.

I have been playing under AGS patches for 7.5 months now, Smilegate is not patching this AGS is, and it will be messed up, just will, so have some tv ready.


Oh God, you mean I might actually have to do some work? Ugh =p

I posted in as a reply to an apologist who defended “No Patch yet” 3 hours ago by linking Steam DB info on updates for LostArk.
The patch is visible if you login with your steam account here :
It is “not_public”
When we take their track record of “not_public” going to public on the same day , starting from February 11th , it is a very bad one.
Prepare to not be able to play today, unless you are from the Americas/Oceania
As usual, 40-ish minuites left, servers are not up, patch is not up.
NO COMMUNICATION from AGS. Typical corporate snob-ism and disrespect towards their customers.

I need those pictures of spiderman on my desk by tomorrow.

I’m working from home so I’m chill for now, just asking because usually patch on steam comes before servers back up. So just trying to get some infos from CMs.

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Ya no doubt, trust me man im literally pacing.

Im telling yall to be calm while I climb the walls having to talk to my wife.


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pattern so far was servers down steam client upload than steam patch server up and 1h after game servers up.

They gave an 8 hour window, we’re still within that 8 hours, no news is good news when we’re still within maintenance windows.

There was a large backend update so I also would be ready for it to be delayed, they’re changing the way accounts interact with steam.

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