Still no QOL changes?

Kinda stopped playing lost ark for a week or so, and was hoping the latest patch notes would include something that eases the tedious grinding that is guardian raid / chaos dungeon.

It doesn’t seem like that’s a direction that the game devs want to consider. Just wanted to add 2 cents the biggest reason I stopped playing is because Chaos Dungeon / Guardian Raids are boring af even with rest bonus, and I am honestly used to grinding in rpgs (multiple times hit delve depth 6k+ in poe and if you know, you know how much of grinding that is // or placed top of ladder in d2 multiple times, 3000+ paragon level in d3… you name it, I grinded before).

These endgame grinds simply don’t feel like they are lucrative enough in a sense that the rng loot portion is just too small. There’s no looking forward to hitting a jackpot because of the abysmal drop rate of useful relic accessories, which means most of the times, the loot from these two contents are pretty much deterministic.

Now, deterministic loot is the most boring shit you can ever have in rpg. You really don’t want that. That’s what drives your customers away. I assume a significant portion of lost ark players come and play to feel lucky. After all, a lot of progression is basically casino simulator. When you starve players from feeling lucky for such a long time, they tend to go to other casinos because they think the odds are rigged.

Well maybe then this game is not for you :). Thank you for stopping by.

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As a player you have the privilege to play one game or another. Not to change the game. Make life easier and Lost ark are antonyms. Let’s see why you thought there were so many types of currencies, sub currencies, meta currencies, premium currencies, Inter currencies, tokens…