Still no weekly rapport chests in the shop

To nobody’s surprise you still haven’t put a single weekly rapport item back into the shop. This supposed “exploit” sounds more like an excuse for you to slow down player’s progress, so they stay in the game longer.

If that’s their intention, then they royally fucked up.

The game is bleeding players faster than ever because the normal progression is so stunted by the anti-bot measures they’re putting in place these days.


And would you look at that. Another week and not even the weekly legendary pack (let alone the relic everyone wants). AGS is really outdoing themselves here :slight_smile:

bump - where are the rapport item chests from the shop??? When they will be implemented again? @Roxx

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They need to fix the bot situation before they put these back in the shop. You won’t see them again anytime soon. I’d recommend chasing down the wandering merchants as often as you can if you’re looking for rapport items.

welp i guess it wil never appear on the mari shop again :upside_down_face:

Seriously? People still think removing rapport items is slowing down the bots?

Furthermore the answer to the question “why are they fighting the bots” used to mostly be “we are combating the 20,000 player queues and laggy load times”. But now? It is pure greed. They could easily pivot this game towards something like Warframe where 90% of the money made comes from skins. But no, Amazon is being Amazon and will be a scrooge until this game has 1 player left.