Still no yes or no on balance patch ?!

the fact scouter marketing is up is the patch is coming as planned and AGS know what is in it
in the last 2 months we kept asking about if the balance patch coming or not same to tripod system
with no answer less than 10 days left on patch and still no answer
can you please for the love of god give us the answer already ?! there is no way in hell that the answer isn’t with someone in ags
there is a roadmap for sure for dev team for such changes .and this roadmap for sure is being shared with someone in ags

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at this point balance patch + tripod change is going to be “content” patches for October


NO those will NOT come out until BREL raid.

that means NO summoner NO skill/visual update NO tripod UNTIL BREL raid


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then it is easier to ditch clown progress week than building another build to get invited into groups
long break for me

We are going to learn it 5 hours before patch day.

nice …


Rip arti mains though xD make 5x3 for clown then dump it when balance patch comes out

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i rather take break from the game … it is very expensive already …

can i friend your source please

They are in radio silence mode so thats mean don’t expect them for next week, if we are lucky maybe for october because sg seems like releasing this game 4 times didn’t give them enough information about not selling things (like QOL) as content.

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I believe Roxx is on vacation (?)
Don’t expect any info from any other CM, they are still letting the team know that we have bots, living under a rock.


Every other region gets these in October, so i guess we will too.
Considering how major the balance patch was for some classes, ill assume they will want to pair them with the tripod update.

best line they can do tbh

It’s funny to read here „time to take a break“ because of a balance patch. I know other arty mains they just don’t care and also doing Clown even with 4x3. The 5x3 crap for clown is just because people follow Kr streamers without knowing how „hard“ it will be.

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if all regions know when they getting them why in hell they dont talk and say .

so they telling the team that water is wet XD yay

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Because…I do not know…ask Amazon.

Russia is getting it in october with Elgacia - and they told them in August afaik so 2 months heads up.

Japan is getting it in October.

so for us next year

To be honest that’s something I would like to know because amazon doesn’t know a thing (roxx said that if she would know she would say) so basically why smilegates keep our cms in radio silence and instead in ru they give clear information long time ahead?

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