Still no yes or no on balance patch ?!

They already gave EVERYONE a roadmap.

expecting any of the new tripods/balance patch that happened in KR AFTER the roadmap was announced is just PURE COPIUM.

seriously guys wait for next road map then rage.

not happening this month big bro wait and prayge for october

Honestly my dude, on my Arti just dumped my legendary 4x3 and roll with my relic 5x3 now. My legendary was BIS (for it’s time) and my relic is Barrage/AOA/Grudge/KBW/Adrenaline and I do way more damage than my legendary set. Relic stats give a big boost, don’t underestimate. You will 100% be able to do clown without the balance patch and your “makeshift” 5x3.

Just use your 5x3 and call it a day (you will notice you now actually take damage though).

@TrevzorFTW can you tell us something regarding the balance patch, please?

they don’t know anything about the patch dude.

he’s just the guy sent to cool down the forums because shadow foxx was getting hate.

they sat in a room and actually spent resources planning how to change forum perception I was there

When we have information that we can share, we definitely will be doing so.

I’m sorry I don’t have a more definitive answer yet. :confused:


where was last balance patch an road map? oh it wasnt and yet there was balance patch, how strange

Thanks anyways.

Hoping for “MID JUNE:hugs:

This literally means that Reaper is next class since Summoner is dependent on this patch. At this pace, I would see the balance patch coming out in Dec with Brelshaza.

So we are getting it on wed. They like to do it with large patches. Kinda confirms we will get it on wed.

You cant even say it wont be in the patch on wed? Is it still up in there air? Is it some kind of surprise here it is? I dont think anyone wants that kinda surprise. Well i guess i would since i prepared for it.

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I love how even Amazon staff has no idea about what’s happening to the game in the next 4 days :upside_down_face:

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well they are not to blame if smilegate does not tell them anything

but ags said they will “communicate” more with players, i’m waiting to see it

Funny how people insist AGS has so much control over the game, but they have no idea what a patch in less than a week will contain.

Guys calm down its ok, we will get the information half a day before patch like always.

Do you guys at AGS get the actual patch shipped from Smilegate the day before deployment or how does this work?

Because we get the patch notes the day before.

How do you not know that by now???

no we arent.
Scouter only got a small damage buff as well so its not that significant to have it on Wed to begin with.

Either they are putting a patch together in the last week or they are not communicating with the CM team. Either that or they don’t want to share. All three options are a RIP. Last minute patches are the reason why shit gets scuffed. Not communicating on whether a major balance change is coming within a week is fucking weird. And not wanting to let us know the week of is even more fucking weird. All this shit about improving communication is bullshit. This issue is just the latest of many fuck ups.

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I believe the patch is not shipped to AGS but deployed by GS directly (AGS claims to have no devs so deployments and patches would be not be handles by them). GS would just give the patch notes to AGS when they are ready, AGS then checks them, translates them and publishes them.