Still no yes or no on balance patch ?!

The Oracle has spoken

i dont think they are in radio silence for sure there is roadmap clear between the two companies so 100% someone in amazon know what is going to happen a month ago at least .roxx isn’t the manager and isn’t allowed to say both means it is out of their her own hands that is why i would bash ags for what is happening in the west
even if SG had issues AGS can push to get answers …<if they didn’t have it .
and this radio silence means there is big L coming next week .
and to be honest … i think it is all planned to put a big gold sink in west servers by surprising players
everything will go sky rocket get people to spend money

we got the last balance patch before japan and russia … so i guess we are getting ignored by AGS .

I know, but at this point consistency isnt something i expect from AGS anymore.

i will just finish my arty build 5x3 for the balance patch … if i found runs for 4x3 will still do clown if not o.o if not will stick to scouter till the damn patch launch

Understandable xD

Also the balance patch released with the tripod update in mind otherwise arty wouldnt get this kind of “mini rework”. Imagine having to regrind tripods on the spot and having 10% luck[with sage powder] to power up your tripods.

Honestly sounds like hell

I saved 2 full taps on the bank already

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No actually Roxx has stated multiple times that when they don’t know they just don’t know.

It’s apparent that Smilegate just drops a patch and then they localise it and spread the news here in the west. Since the balance patch is QoL that means that it shouldnt really be involved in something like a Roadmap where they should know way beforehand.

it doesn’t work this way between companies
i believe roxx she didn’t know but im sure someone in ags knows

What do you mean it “doesnt work this way between companies”?

Have you worked in PR or in a company acting as a publisher?

Why does there always have to be a conspiracy theory behind everything? I don’t understand that :stuck_out_tongue:

@Roxx or @Shadow_Fox can you please say something about it?

It’s because dummies think every publisher relationship is like EA, and they’re unable to critically think for a second that relationships between companies are vast and varied.

If I was going to question anything, it would be if AGS is asking the right questions to SG, and if SG is just blowing them off.

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100%. Like people make all those assumptions like we are trying to expose the Illuminaty or something, they really need to relax a bit.

Judging by the latest fiesta with the notorious 18h maintenance it’s more likely that SG just drops em a patch and then AGS just tries to put in all the work at the last minute.

It has been evident since the very begginng that communication between those 2 was lacking. I have come to realise that SG is the one keeping AGS in the shadows.

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there is difference between dropping and localization a patch and knowing a head what you will receive when . for road map for the game when it started it was going to be quick
and after the backlash on argos they decided to slow things down even with the classes to avoid the back lash again
if you think AGS dont know what is already in the plan for next couple of months you are mistaken
plans change down the road ofc … but still

We are talking about a specific QoL patch that came in KR 2 months ago.

I understand the furstration with Artilerists mains, it sucks having to respec everything, but at the end of the day, it’s just QoL and a Balance Patch.

Obviously they would know whn a new Raid/Class is about to drop.

Last time big balance happened we received it before japan after less then 10days of KR it doesn’t make sense to wait more than 3 months to get it
im main Artilerists and im frustrated yes because that effect raid spot in good groups on day one on clown … i decided to double down on the new build what ever happens but it is so idiotic of them if decided to release it after clown it doesn’t make sense and i means there is total chaos on managing the west more than we know . and knowing there is more class reworks is coming in the future makes me even more worried with how they handle things

it sucks to be left in the dark for so long regarding the balance patch…

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you wanna know how ags is effecting things
AGS is bridge between us and SG
they pass the info
yesterday shadowfox or another CM just said they will report the bot issue to the team ! like WTF the fourms has been boiling with bot issues in the last 2 months and prices since the 3 day role ! and just yesterday they reporting it

do you think me as player think ags even cared to pass the info that Artilerists mains are worried and they keep asking to confirm or deny when the balance patch coming ?!
the answer for sure they didn’t even pass it and see it is a players whining as usual

those ignoring patterns happened in new world till they killed the game
im talking about facts and behavior from ags team

ags is responsible to answer the questions that people ask and what info to pass to SG
atm i have zero trust they doing that
the fourms is filled with Artilerists posts
not single confirming or denying answer from them
how hard to send email from ags with the questions that people need answer for ?
i hope my point is now clear about why im blaming AGS

To be honest I still think the problem here is SG, they even drop patch in kr without info ahead, just look at akkan, even the kr players were salty


rethink the last couple of months From my last answer point of view you will blame AGS then SG
i blame SG for not putting someone from their own team on this damn fourms to know what players say or ask .