Still no yes or no on balance patch ?!

Dev is SG for all versions, publishers are diferent. Korea gives info months in advance, Rusia gives info months in advance, Japan gives info months in advance, AGS never knows nothing. If info is fluid in 3 of 4 version, logic says the problem is the plublisher of our version. It may or may not be true, but it is what it seems.

it seems sg doesn’t give proper info to our version in time, I wish AGS could do something because it looks like they dont care

if they know nothing means there is a problem on the communication between the two companies and they should have been working on it
because it is becoming worse and worse with each release .and that is publisher problem

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The things that AGS considers “content” is ridiculous, i wouldn’t be surprised if their strategy is to pick apart different things KR has (balance patch and tripod changes) and put them in separate “big” updates to prolong how many things we’re waiting for as part of their “business intelligence”

AGS has absolute shit communication and higher-ups making the decisions

exactly there is issues from SG but AGS doesn’t care to fix it
im sure SG have issues
but AGS as publisher doesn’t do what is required from them to fix it

My “Theory” here is SG always replies a day later due to time zones and a lot of communication is not accurate nor truly exact on what they want to hear then it goes through all the curating process to know what to publish/reveal which takes more time and result on scuffed communication.

SG seems to put less than the minimum effort on the updates they throw to AGS regarding patches and content, couldn’t even fix a clock lol. And the team working for the west version is not your experienced devs who understand and know the code but some guys with experience coding but not with this game’s code directly.

So, they got a lot of crap to search, test and work on which translates in longer time, unexpected bugs and a lot of “We will have this done before its patch day” and keep delaying accurate info until the last moment where they push half assed code or simply don’t add it. Basically they aren’t even sure what will be done by patch day but “I’m working on integrating X”

i had big post after week from KR public test server on the balance patch
2months ago at least
was it hard for the CM team to report to the higher up that those questions need answers before the forums get filled with it ?!
that should be the mindset of the cm not report what the higher ups say and bedone with it

easy solution for t hat
HIRE Someone in nightshift to keep our communication up with the SG
problem solved .
when shit hits the fan XD all the CM is sleeping
that is bad management . SG is client that give generate lots of money is hiring two persons is high cost ?! hell no 1 whale can cover the yearly salary for both .

Communication is possible if both sides do it correctly, just now you might have misunderstood what I tried to write and might not even be your fault but mine for not really expressing it correctly and despite writing being one of my hobbies which I’ve dwelve into for over 10 years, I still fail to communicate my idea sometimes and is worse when it comes to the intention.

But in the end, communication is only possible if there is anything to communicate. I work as a software dev and these uncertainties on what’s to come in an update is not uncommon on junior devs where they might overestimate their capabilities, difficulty of a task and problems that can arise and end up compromising by a certain date (I myself went through it as well). Often those are met right in the deadline causing uncertainty or requiring extra time, and when that happens, it really is hard to tell someone what is set on stone or not.

Edit: btw yes, I truly believe the team working on integrating the code for this version is mostly new hires, not necessary new to the industry, that still gotta work with old UE3 code and understand the logic. Hence so many silly bugs that are overlooked.

They already gave EVERYONE a roadmap.

expecting any of the new tripods/balance patch that happened in KR AFTER the roadmap was announced is just PURE COPIUM.

seriously guys wait for next road map then rage.

not happening this month big bro wait and prayge for october

Honestly my dude, on my Arti just dumped my legendary 4x3 and roll with my relic 5x3 now. My legendary was BIS (for it’s time) and my relic is Barrage/AOA/Grudge/KBW/Adrenaline and I do way more damage than my legendary set. Relic stats give a big boost, don’t underestimate. You will 100% be able to do clown without the balance patch and your “makeshift” 5x3.

Just use your 5x3 and call it a day (you will notice you now actually take damage though).

@TrevzorFTW can you tell us something regarding the balance patch, please?

they don’t know anything about the patch dude.

he’s just the guy sent to cool down the forums because shadow foxx was getting hate.

they sat in a room and actually spent resources planning how to change forum perception I was there

When we have information that we can share, we definitely will be doing so.

I’m sorry I don’t have a more definitive answer yet. :confused:


where was last balance patch an road map? oh it wasnt and yet there was balance patch, how strange

Thanks anyways.

Hoping for “MID JUNE:hugs:

This literally means that Reaper is next class since Summoner is dependent on this patch. At this pace, I would see the balance patch coming out in Dec with Brelshaza.

So we are getting it on wed. They like to do it with large patches. Kinda confirms we will get it on wed.

You cant even say it wont be in the patch on wed? Is it still up in there air? Is it some kind of surprise here it is? I dont think anyone wants that kinda surprise. Well i guess i would since i prepared for it.

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