Still no yes or no on balance patch ?!

I love how even Amazon staff has no idea about what’s happening to the game in the next 4 days :upside_down_face:

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well they are not to blame if smilegate does not tell them anything

but ags said they will “communicate” more with players, i’m waiting to see it

Funny how people insist AGS has so much control over the game, but they have no idea what a patch in less than a week will contain.

Guys calm down its ok, we will get the information half a day before patch like always.

Do you guys at AGS get the actual patch shipped from Smilegate the day before deployment or how does this work?

Because we get the patch notes the day before.

How do you not know that by now???

no we arent.
Scouter only got a small damage buff as well so its not that significant to have it on Wed to begin with.

Either they are putting a patch together in the last week or they are not communicating with the CM team. Either that or they don’t want to share. All three options are a RIP. Last minute patches are the reason why shit gets scuffed. Not communicating on whether a major balance change is coming within a week is fucking weird. And not wanting to let us know the week of is even more fucking weird. All this shit about improving communication is bullshit. This issue is just the latest of many fuck ups.

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I believe the patch is not shipped to AGS but deployed by GS directly (AGS claims to have no devs so deployments and patches would be not be handles by them). GS would just give the patch notes to AGS when they are ready, AGS then checks them, translates them and publishes them.

this is the worst answer could happen after all this time ! to be honest someone in AGS not doing his/her job
not knowing and not caring or providing answers for valid question that has been asked for over 2 months …
2 months and you cannot get clear answer from SG
the answer for sure is no
you didn’t even provide them the question
you just wait for patch day . copy paste patch notes and be done with it .
who ever responsible for this mess i hope he get fired .

Do you even know what we are getting for next patch that is supposed to happen in 4 days?
Guess I start to understand why you have “critical error” on the patch day and always delay them…

Hmmm. You’re right they probably told the community managers with the intention of them sharing it with the public, but they’re just like “nah…let them squirm”.

I don’t understand why people think these CMs decide if they can share anything with us whether they know or not.

If your boss tells you not to share something until it’s ready to be shared, you don’t share it…in ANY capacity. When you do…you get fired…like wtf.

We already know that the management is the reason the communication is crap .

it is the same patterns that happened in new world same communication issues … everything is like deja vu

It’s the pattern more places than not. I just don’t understand the abuse giving to CM’s. I mean I guess I understand it’s easier to do it here, anonymously. Whenever I see someone berating or questioning a CM, I think to myself, is this also the person that would have yelled and interrogated the guy behind the drive thru window at Taco Bell about Taco Bell discontinuing the Volcano Burrito…as if he had some say in the matter, or even knows.

The CM’s are not in some inner Illuminati circle, here to inflict pain on the player base. They probably just don’t know, and already feel crappy enough.

the cm job is to be bridge between players and the devs and in this case the whole AGS is the bridge
players have the right to ask questions and to get answers for it clear ones
it is job like any other and the customer is always right in away or another !
if players are annoyed with the ignorance and state of economy which effecting the fun factor of the game they have the right to express it without any insults …
in another post of rmt players and bots 3 days ago another CM said < we will report this to the team > this happens after 2 months of complains in the forums
CM is humans they need to get out of the idea that the normal player base complaining and understand complaining comes from real game issues
CM reports what they see fit to report and ignore what they dont see doesn’t need reporting
the bots issues is tiny example of how slow and how much ignorance towards what happens here . yes the manager who decide what to say and when
but the question is did they even report to the manager that the forums filled with players asking the same question !? since we get the same answer for the last 2 months and half at least i doubt it even happened .some things on CM control and some in the manager control … i was on CM SIDE till i saw the bots we will report that comment 3days ago . the whole economy inside the game went beyond repair in short term and they just reporting bottling issue

It was already confirmed by CM’s that SG is reading this forums. So even without reports from CM’s SG would be aware of issues that are talked about constantly on the forums.

Also, just because there is no response doesn’t mean the issues was not brought up with SG. Just from experience with other games, there is always many issues that the community has that never get addressed by the dev. Same here.

in another post of rmt players and bots 3 days ago another CM said < we will report this to the team > this happens after 2 months of complains in the forums

This was probably reported in the past as well and will get reported again. It’s normal for long standing issues to have multiple tickets open by QA if the dev team does not do anything.

so you are saying you don’t even have the pre-release build that you always have on your internal testserver before a new content update actually releases??? (even Roxx confirmed on her stream that amazon has one like that)

if you just logged in on there and looked for a second you COULD know that.
sounds to me you just don’t wanna share any info on that

is this a joke?

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The patch might not even be up.

They might not have access.

Test patches could be under NDA and it would be not allowed to share any patch info before they get the green light from SG.

if they don’t even have the pre-release build on their end that could explain why they run into emergency issues like the september 7th patch that we got on september 8th…

however that would be so bad.

also imagine stating that critical information like class balance or tripod changes would be under NDA.

even KR gets weeks before notice of that.