Still not received free punika powerpass

After waiting for 3 days after my first time going to the support i still havent received the free punika powerpass. I was doing everything that mods suggested and the only thing i got was the punika growth pack which is nice but i still want my powerpass. I was told that if i still havent received the free powerpass i should write here again so here i am.
(my problem with powerpass was that i completed bervers friend and used the powerpass in my inventory during the disabled period of time and now my game acts like i didnt use it)
please help

if you used it, when you choose your character, choose powerpass (not launch). and then choose “punika powerpass”. and choose “use powerpass” it should be useable. like this video : Lost Ark How to Unlock Punika Power Pass ~COMPLETE BEVERS FRIEND QUEST~ - YouTube

but if not, maybe you can create another video showing your problems ? maybe the dev will act quicker with video proof

I know how it is supposed to work and doing a video wont help because they will most likely not see it anyway

Sorry to hear you haven’t gotten your punika pass.

I’ve moved this over to the support section so our support team can adress your issue.

Hey there @radko.vesteg!

Sorry to hear you still haven’t received your Punika Powerpass. Seems that you have already completed the prerequisite quests so at this point I would recommend you to contact our support team directly for assistance. You can submit a web ticket by following this link:

Hope this helps!

PSA for both forum mods and other players like me who have not gotten back your Punika Powerpass.

Support does not know when those will become available. No point telling people to go to support if support is basically not able to help.


Hello Arkesians,

Thank you for following up on this thread. Please note the roll out for the Punika Growth Pack was concluded on August 19th and all free power passes should now be available. If you are missing any of these and meet qualification criteria, please submit your data via the following link for review Contact Us | Amazon Games. (Do not post it in the forums).

I will close this thread to avoid multiple entries on the same matter.

Good luck and see you in Arkesia! :wolf: