Still nothing about the queues or the bots in game

Are u going to do something or not? Because there needs to be something done as fast as possible, everyone needs to be a no lifer to play the game! We who work 8-9h a day, coming home and getting the queues for 13,000 to 18,000. It’s just a fucked up thing, and many people have paid for the game!!!

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They have been quite clear. Nothing is possible, suck it up, go to EUW without any compensation or quit. Those are your options according to AGS. I’ve picked option 4: get up at 3am before going to work but it’s not something any sane human being should do.

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Yeah, Zinnervale queue is going down 9 at a time atm. I started the queue in lunch break at school and there’s still 1500 ppl left. They need to do something about this bots thats the main issue here.

Not going to do that, I know they won’t do a thing about the bots! And I know It’s useless to writhe here, but it’s also funny at the same time, they had 3 years for the release and still fucked it up…


Am also on Zinnervale and done much progress, I have made a character on another server but i don’t like it, so I will be trying to play maybe 30-to 60 min a day, if I even get to play at all :wink:

Yeah I feel you, all my friends started at Zinnervale at launch so thats why I started there a day later. So far the majority of my 150+ hours have been spent on queue. The days I get to play are the days where my classes are online so I don’t have to leave home. I get to play like an hour at most before I go to sleep 3 days a week, and its unplayable at weekends with the matchmaking being the burning pile of garbage it is.

They made a “HOTFIX” today or this morning, but I came home around 18:00 and got the Que 14k, so no playing today

The hotfix was to remove login bonus from EUW, nothing to do about queues. I also like to believe they take this time to put some ice on the servers so they don’t burn.

They already burn! At lest couple servers who are the most popular.