Still queue on EU central

So, still high queue on EU central. Since you dont wanna give people the items they bought and earned from twitch. Why do you belive they would change servers? You guys gotta make it worth it to lose progress and items

the items from titwch apear after relog (can cofirm I got all 4), the new EU region supposedly has daily rewards that are better for the time being, and the founders pack 2 will arrive after tomorrow according to amazon.

that being said. i know a lot of people are saying that now that they are 50 they don’t wanna change. to that I need to say, If i was just lvl 50 and not almost 1k GS by now i would change, because lets face it. u can reach lvl 50 in like 10-15 hours. endgame is so much more time, leveling is like the tutorial. but i get that people don’t want to change.

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I found it funny they gave F2P Players a free pack, and paying EU customers absolutely nothing for the inconvenience they caused.
Go figure…

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all EU FP purchaserss are getting a 2nd FP (that contains what was exclusive)

where they gave f2p players somthing free?


If you haven’t heard yet, to thank everyone who joined us at launch, we’re collaborating with Smilegate RPG to grant all players a launch celebration gift. Anyone who logs in and enters Arkesia between February 19 at 11:59AM PT (February 20, 7:59AM UTC) through March 1 at 11:59PM PT (March 2 at 7:59PM UTC) will receive the gift. The gift includes these items (all non-tradeable):

  • Vehicle Selection Chest (choice of either mount)
    • Terpeion
    • Terpeion of the Shadow
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream Instrument Skin Selection Chest
  • Healing Battle Item Chest x10
  • Offensive Battle Item Chest x10
  • Legendary Rapport Selection Chest x3
  • Weekly Trade Potions Pack (1 Leap’s Essence and 9 Minor Life Energy Potion)
  • Phoenix Plume x20

but its for all players not donors or non donors only.another unhappy kid who spend all his lounch money to buy starter pack :smiley:
and that is not eaven a starter pack.