Still waiting for that roadmap

You had a roadmap, you leaked a roadmap, you pullled a roadmap to fix the roadmap. Smilegate spent a week in the studio working it out. The roadmap exists now as I type this, and everyone knows it. You’re taking way too long to share information with your playerbase. Starting to think that the “transparency” speech was just PR nonsense to put out fires at the time. Prove me wrong.

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Bump. A moderator in the german side of the community already said there was a roadmap they aren’t able to share yet. I want to know why? Is it still such a bad roadmap that you’re waiting until everyone who actually cares about the future of the game to leave first, to soften the blow? What kind of roadmap is completed but not released to the public? It makes zero sense.

Would you be willing to link us that statement, possibly with a translation to English if your feeling particularly spicy?

I believe it is because of Amazon Games studio head stepping down from position.
Apparently he wasn’t good at this position and probably was reason for constant failures in this field.
(or just sacrifical goat, idk)
With this I would bet they want new head to check this, before they fail again.

However I might be mistaken, just trying to justify it somehow in my brain.

Why do we still do not have a roadmap! Why not share rough drafts and get feedback from the community, instead of sharing when it is set in stone just to get everyone upset when we get a broken version of the game?

The roadmap will be basically the same, the same class releases, the same content, but with one difference, they will remove Valtan and give us some event to get honing materials. They know what everyone wants, they know what classes most players want, and I bet they’ll do the exact opposite of that.

With the Argos fiasco I doubt anyone would argue with them removing Valtan.

They have a chance to do a quick salavge here imo

1: release 3 classes per month until caught up
2: change Bound to Char mats and shards to Bound to Roster
3: release content that makes sense for the majority as well as the hardcore
4: stop trying to milk the living daylights out of the game (you would make more out of the fashion bling as a lot of ppl play dress up simulator in games for some reason lol just look at Guild Wars 2 as an example of that)