Stone cutting is poo poooooo

FIX YOUR RATES :slight_smile:

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Are you at 3x5 already?

do you use rocks calculator ?

at 4x3 1x1 jus tryna go 5x3

yup, no luck :frowning: got a couple 7 6, 8 6

Anyone tell you yet that you need 9/7 to get accepted in parties once ancient gear hits NA/EU?

5x3+2 is tne new standard, enjoy the gatekeep.

so instead of just using the 7 6 or 8 6 you rather gamble more and more for a 7 7 that you don’t need at all you can build 5x3 with 2 legendary books and 5 6 stone stop chasing 7 7 stone for your 5x3 when you can build it easily without gambling

You dont need a 77 to get to 3x5 tho so stop wasting your money on stones and buy books o3o its that easy, thats why i dont care about pheons, all my alts are at 5x3 without 77 stone

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all very true, though supposedly, its cheaper to hit 7 7 stone, instead of 2 legendary books especially if 1 is class engraving

Cheaper if you are lucky, if you are unlucky its not expensive, i recommend you to don’t gamba

it’s not worth the gamble some are lucky some are unlucky know when to stop cut your losses short play it safe books last forever stones are RNG you might hit you might not

Yeah and since there is no pity system for rocks thats why i dont gamble :v

Cutting stones is for me the most frustrating RNG factor in this game…

I used bigger part of pheons for stones than for rest of items, by far. And never in hundreds of tries I see a 9/7, I would not even dare to try for such a stone… 7/7 is hard enough :sweat_smile: