Stone cutting percentage

Complete absolute lies. 75% miss 80% of attempts 25% on debuff and hit 80% of time.

5 pheons a stone 22 stones so far cant even get a 6 6 stone, any decent start then you miss your 65% and 75% and on the debuff hit 45, 35, 25% chances.

Change this stupid system for god sake, not one person finds this fun, just change it already, complete trash


someone doesn’t understand rng



Just go through it as everyone else does, people max out on artisan 3-4 times in a row on their weapon and continue playing the game, you are not falling too much behind because you cut 22 WAIT WHAT TWENTY TWO? Dude did you know a lot of people cut like 50+ stones before they get one? TWENTY TWO oh my god.

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so what if people cut 50? whats that got to do with anything

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someone doesnt understand statistics, over a large sample 75% shouldnt miss more than 25% hits

also i bet you any money if they collated all the millions of hones at 25% chance and die the succeed and fail ratio

then did all the 25% cuts on a negative that hit on cutting the 25% on cutting ratio would be miles higher

theres no way you went thru 22 stones and failed to achieve a 6/6 or equivalent stone.


It is part of the game and yes it is annoying.
This random chance is a big part of the game at its core.
It is by design and we can really just accept it and try to make due with what we get.

The trap is to chase the “optimal”.
Game is full of traps.

Also forum will have plenty people saying X/X stone is easy and cheap.
They are obviously lucky or lying :wink:

An item like this, that has the most significance on someone’s engravings/build should not be locked behind pheons or tied to RNG without any form of pity. It might be the worst system in the game, behind quality upgrading.

Ive been saying this for a while but this came is a combinations of really terrible and mediocre systems that is only held together by the combat, class design and raids. Literally outside those 3 things nothing of high quality exists in the game. Its all cheap terrible mobile/gacha systems.

I play for the combat, classes and raids though so unfortunately I have to deal with everything else thats garbage just to do those things.


Hi, it took 25 tries to get a 6/6 on my alt.

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and u had no 7-5 or 8-4 stones during that time as well? if you are cutting the stone correctly thats extremely unlucky and not a common occurance, I have yet to cut more than 5 stones for any one character. one piece of advice I’d give to anyone when reaching a new gear level, is to plan your build around your stone, dont end up in a position where you NEED a specific cut or certain amount of red nodes, always try to cut the stone first. at least it’s saaved me a lot of time, gold, and headache but thats just me. and thats assuming u arent going for 5x3 yet.

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Just want to say, if you hit red when it says 25%, it’s 25% chance “to crack”, not 25% chance to “get +1”

Edit: Nevermind, I appear to be incorrect and the wording on it is just weird, carry on~

What? if ur saying what I think u are, u would be wrong. Any stone cutting calculator would show you that. It’s not the opposite of the blue nodes, the work the same way, “cracking” is +1 node

I mean, I dunno what your stone calculator tells you, I know a lot of people tell me not to use them 'cause they’re not useful, but it literally says that very word in the game:

Now, if it’s a translation issue or AGS telling the wrong thing, I don’t know, but it coincides really well with OP’s case.

I don’t know enough to argue my case otherwise

Chance of cracking = success, meaning + 1 node. That’s how it works. Thats why any calculator will show you to cut red at 45% or under almost every time until further in the process where it becomes better to cut a blue at 45 in certain cases. If you havent yet realized this, using a calculator would help you to understand the process a lot more. But you do you.

I wouldn’t trust something made outside the game for probabilities without them knowing better, but I did try a couple stone and it does seem likely that you are correct, since I ended up with +6 +7 going all reds on a 9 slot stone.

I edited my original post, wording’s whack though

They didn’t want to call gaining a malice a “success” so the term is just cracking or “making it worse/harmful”.

I’ve only cut 2 stones on my main. A 8 6 2 and a 7 7 4.

Just because you’re unlucky with one area in your limited experience it doesnt mean the percentage is a lie.

In the same breath I’ve hit pitty on my weapon at +19 and +20 while guildies have 1 tapped. That’s just how it goes.

So it seems, makes sense when you put it that way. I guess I associated “cracking” to the sound it makes when it fails. The more you know