Stones creat honor plis

Hello I am contacting the forum to ask for another way to get jump stones of great honor, I am sorry for my translation into English but I am Spanish and I use a translator to contact you, I have a character in 1406 and yesterday with the restart and doing all the event and daily content I had to make 15 attempts to improve which of those 15 I only improved 2, I do not come to complain about the rnc of course I simply like a lot that you have to do all the daily content and it does not matter to have 10% of success probabilities, like many people I am short of gold to make those improvements but I am not here to complain about that I simply ask for a way to get more jump stones of great honor, I thank Amazon smilegate for taking care of us so much and giving us so many gifts, I only ask for a way to get some more jump stones of great honor to be able to make some more attempts, I appreciate everything that this company is offering and giving me