Stone's engraving effects success rates seems fake

didn’t test it mathematically but it doesnt feel right, like not getting +1 multiple times in a roll with 75% success rate or getting +1 on negative effects 5 times in a roll with 25% chance… i know that it can happen, but it shouldn’t happen so often. Am i the only one who feels the odds are kinda off?

I’ve only had a couple of fails but i’m only up to T1 - Level 11

Some friends on the other hand have had horrible luck, so i’m assuming they didn’t pray hard enough to RnJesus.

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It does fell like the coin/chance is weighted toward failure.

When you toss a coin 10 times with system saying it should land on head 50-75% of the time and the result is more tails than head.

Maybe its totally fair. Just not fair to me or anyone I know of :smiley:

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ineed help and i cant creat the topic what can i do

You should be able to make topic over at help-section with your issue: