Stoopz spent 200K gold to get to 1370

I don’t know that includes the 49000 donation he got from his follower or not.

Basically if you aren’t whale and/or streamer you won’t get to 1370 anytime soon if you are around 1350ish


And i don’t care i will do argos 1day in a month or year i play for fun not to kill 1st 2years old boss in eu


Man that’s crazy. I can’t believe Stoopz reaching 1370 is going to affect my gameplay so much. Man, if only I was a streamer or content creator so I can reach 1370. God, I think I’m just going to quit the game since I can’t reach 1370 today or tomorrow or maybe even next week. Thanks Stoopz. Thanks a lot!


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cool bro can I has your stuffs?

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Really? I guess he can stream something else now then.

Probably used the money Smilegate paid him to shill the game so hard. Bro whiteknights for the game so hard. Watched his stream yesterday and boy he’s pathetic.

WOW doc leave

I’m still at 900, I guess this game is not for me then

I checked with my Doctor and he did in fact confirm that I will live if I am not 1300+ GS this month.

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