Stop Asking For A DPS Meters

  • DPS meters usually reads from a log.

  • There are no log files in this game that pertains to this.

  • This has been asked in all regions and SmileGate does not want it.

  • SmileGate has not and probably will not implement log files for a DPS meter to exist.

  • If there is a DPS meter floating around as a 3rd party, it is 100% against TOS because it’s reading the actual packets/memory.

The game has been out for over 3 years. I am sure that if they wanted to add one, it would have been added by now.


Always going to support DPS meter being added. Cmon SG you took step 1 and added to training, lets see it for raids!


Why is it bad. I just want to see how well i do with my dps in a dungeon, not in a training room. What’s wrong with that?


Who said it was bad here (at least for now)? I just gave information on why it will MOST LIKELY not happen.

It still boggles me when people take something literally spelled out for them to misinterpret it as an attack. Sometimes, people need to take a step back and stop thinking that everything is a personal attack, especially on forums.

the game literally has an mvp system that can track the % of damage you dealt to the boss


You don’t need a DPS meter…then play crap games like WoW with addons :smiley:
This is a korean game where such a crap nobody needs :wink:

We play toghter with fun and no one needs to compare themselves to others or needs competition!

Because it adds nothing but toxicity and bad gameplay.

In other MMOs where there are DPS logs/meters, bosses are designed for 95%+ DPS uptime meaning you can compare pull to pull and generally do the same rotation and form a pattern over time and figure out mistakes you are making.

In Lost Ark, uptime is nowhere near as high. There’s so much dodging that can drastically change your damage, especially if you are forced to cancel a skill to dodge or the boss targets you and you have no good windows to do damage for ages. And having to dodge a few times in the middle of using your skills can drastically throw off your CDs if you are a class that needs to sync buffs for burst.

It wouldn’t provide any meaningful info, and would just lead to people trying to greed for damage to see bigger numbers that don’t mean anything.


I dont care if its only made available only to the individual - but I personally would like to see the numbers after a fight to see when i can improve etc. I know fighter vs upright vs cruel etc had some statistical value but I think it should be made simple and easy to access.


If the individual has it, you can share it.

DPS System is crap, cause it just give raise to toxicity as Kirvin already wrote.

Go to the training room, if you do well you can play your class DPS wise.


Damn those Korean games and their non-existent DPS meters…
B&S dps meter
B&S must be one of those NA games like “WoW”.

Almost seems like a good method for a clear representation of who knows what they’re doing and who is afk expecting to be carried. But hey… it’s “Toxic” to point that out, or maybe tell someone they need to go hit a training dummy a lot more.

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not everyone is toxic with an dps meter. But people tend to only looking at the DPS and excluding other people who just don´t do as much DPS (but faily enough for the content).

And you get the people who just look at the DPS and ignoring everything else.

Yeah we neee one definitely

I’d rather see new skins in shop first

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Shrug* Those are guaranteed coming so not really a “change” in my book.

and then you see how bad you are

We definitely don’t need one. If you want to maximize damage, go to the training room and hit a boss scarecrow, try different things. The MVP screen is a good indication of how you’re doing too. If you’re not getting at least “Fighter,” then you’re not pulling your weight, unless you have a much higher ilvl player in the group.

won’t happen ever. The Developers and Producers at Smilegate HATE DPS meters with a passion, they said so multiple times in the past and also explained why they think they will add nothing positive to the game experience especially because Lost Ark is such a Movement Heavy game that DPS is nothing that really tracks how good or useful you are in a raid.

You can do 1 million DPS but if you die every raid because you don’t know how to dodge or move and sometimes just live with the fact that you won’t do DMG even as DD because you have to dodge etc. but we all know that a DPS meter saidly would make so many people just trying to compete to make max DPS and move even less.

DPS Meters aren’t needed at all especially in this game. I’m glad that the Developers have the stance that they are unnecessary and won’t implement them.

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patpat* :clown_face: :joy:

dps meter is pretty useless, if you need a dps meter to tell you about your own performance, you probably are not performing well at all.

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I can agree on a DPS meter that show only YOUR dps, not for everyone in party. It will be destructive because some people does less dps but survive the whole fight, while some braindead push higher dps but dies 3 times in 3 minutes, and sadly majority of other braindeads thinks the latter is better.

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