Stop asking for artist to increase "supports"

Seen a bunch of posts requesting artist be released because we are lacking supports. Here are 3 reasons why that is not a valid reason:

  1. People who enjoy playing support, are already playing support classes (Paladin and Bard)- Adding another “support” class, will not significantly increase the number of support mains in the game because people who are currently playing support mains, will just switch to Artist instead, which means you still have the same number of supports, just in a different form.

  2. The current state of artist, she is considered a strong dps class, and not a very good support class. Even with the ptr changes, artist is still not as good of a support compared to Paladin and Bard.

  3. Due to artist being considered weaker at supporting compared to Paladin and Bard… At high ilvl raids, most people will prefer Paladin/Bard supports, and not Artist. So imagine applying for a group, and people see you’re an artist, then another equal ilv Paladin/Bard applies, and they will take them over you.

Having covered those reasons I will add a couple more (but less important) reasons:

A) She is the latest class to be released in Korea, it is completely unfair for you to ask for her to be released, when we have already received one of the latest classes to begin with (Sorceress), compared to classes that have been out in Korea for a long time that came out before her.

B) There are already 2 support archetype classes in the game that fulfill the exact same role that Artist does. The game doesn’t need more support archetype classes at the moment, what we need is classes that fulfill unique roles… such as Summoner (Pet/Dot class- no other class fulfills this archetype), and Reaper (true assassin playstyle class). All other classes can be categorised in the existing archetypes that play similarly to existing classes.

C) Supports can get away with having lower ilvl for group content because they do not need to attack the boss (which will get blocked), since support skills are simply based on your hp. Meanwhile dps classes must be at the required ilvl… and so they need to get there faster, as such be released sooner. This especially for the most expensive class in the game to gear (summoner)… even if summoner gets released 3 months before artist, artist can catch up to latest content faster than summoner.

EDIT: If you want to play artist because you like artist, then by all means, ask for that, I never said you can’t ask for artist… I am simply saying that adding artist class will not really increase the amount of support mains in the game… and that paladin/bard are still the superior supports.

Ideally I would like to see all of the rest of the classes be added at a faster rate than 1 per month.

Edit 2: I do agree that we should all band together instead of squabbling with each other and ask for faster release of all missing classes.

Edit 3: A number of people have mentioned that they plan on making a support alt, or that someone in their guild is planning on making a support alt, but they are waiting for artist to do so because they don’t enjoy Paladin/Bard. People who plan on playing artist only as an alt, not as a main likely will not get the artist up to the same ilvl as their main. Supports are mostly needed for hardest, highest ilvl content, but once people get past that content in ilvls, supports become less necessary because people just get carried through content. So making an artist alt, has no significant impact. Keyword here is significant impact. Like I already said, most people who want to main support, are already currently playing a support.


I don’t want Artist to “increase supports”… I want Artist because it looks like fun to play. It isn’t “completely unfair for you to ask for her to be released”, she is popular and a lot of people want to play her. It is totally reasonable to ask for the class you are most interested in playing.


Classes like Summoner, Reaper and Scouter are also popular and people want to play them… but it shouldn’t be based on popularity, it should be based on 1) what the game needs, 2) fulfilling unique roles that cannot be filled by other classes. Artist does not fulfill a unique role/archetype in any way, what artist brings to the table is exactly the same as paladin/bard… except worse at doing so.

Like I already said, it is also completely unfair to add another of the latest released classes, compared to classes that have existed in the game. Even my guild mates who have been wanting to play Glavier and just got their preferred class are confused and said that summoner should’ve been the next released class instead.

Not to mention that classes like Mage is currently sitting with only 1 dps class, even though mage is a very popular class (sorc is currently the most popular class in the game, because most people who want to main summoner/arcana are currently playing sorc due to it being the only mage dps class.


i don’t think its unfair to ask for even all the classes to be released within the next 2-3 months.


Your assumption that it’ll be bards and pallys switching to artist so support numbers won’t increase is off. I for one am waiting for artist because she looks a fun class to play and when she’s released then i’ll be dipping my toes into the support class role and not before.

It takes 15 minutes of reading any of the artist threads to realise how many people are out there in similar positions as myself.

Though at the same time, i do understand the frustation of wanting to play a class that hasn’t been released over here, and i hope that you get to play Summoner sooner than later, everyone deserves to get the chance to play the class they want play.


Sure, but we know that this is not going to happen because Smilegate + AGS will drip feed classes in order to milk as much money out of us.

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Well if you’re going to dip your toes into support, does that mean you will switch your main to support? There’s a difference between having a support alt, and a support main.

I currently have a t3 paladin, but it is still an alt compared to my 1405 sorc main…

From what i’ve seen and it’s legit the top 3 players of Korea who play artist they play her as support with the same engraivings as support, bard and pally. An over the top ten i saw legit, 3 people playing her as dps, with, as you said, grduge etc :slight_smile:

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Artist when built as support is a good support. Any of the 3 supports built as DPS are worse at supporting than if they were built as support.

Artist looks like it’s more fun to play than bard/paladin to many people.
More mobility is a big one, and they do a lot more damage, which helps support players not feel like they are struggling through content because of low dps.


Is she a class that is a bit like gunlancer, ie dps with good support ? I would have loved to play her if not for her looks which I hate.

Id rather have worse support than none at all, her buff uptimes are really good and her supporting/healing capabilities are getting buffed significantly which will be rolled in by the time we get her even if she somehow ends up in may (copium).

Also right now I only play dps characters and finding argos p2 or p3 parties is a chore, on one particular week it took me 4 hours because we were short 1 support, and though by no means is a support mandatory, damn do they make it smooth.

Also people wont join or start if they see no support, and if a party is 5-6/8 and all dps you get denied entry anyways if you dont play support.

Id even rather have a party shield spec’d gunlancer or artillerist. And in fact my last argos run had these 2 as “supports” and it went very well compared to 8 dps. The difference they make is huge for what amounts to an endurance fight.

If even 1% more people play support because of artist its worth it. I’ll pledge to switch mains to artist if it comes out before it becomes too hard to catch up (clown legion raid or so?)



I thought it was obvious people would want the newest class first lol

Just release scouter.

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My eyes rolled out of my skull at just about every point that you made.

Zero data to support your incredibly hot take.

Please find the time to correctly inform yourself. Have a nice day


She is the latest class to be released in Korea @Milotrix YES, BUT WE GOT SCORCER LOL

  1. Im support main ( but i have 5 dps in this game. im not gonna listen bard’s bullshit musics while playing and paladin is not my taste.

  2. It is year of the balance right? they can fix artist’s support issue if we can cry hard.

  3. Like previously mentioned, they can fix.

a: “she is the latest class to be released in korea, it is completely unfair for you to ask to be released” so how about sorcerer?

whatever, you must be trolling, you cant be real!


This post is literally dripping with hypocrisy.

Since there are far more DPS classes than Support classes pray tell how that is balanced or fair?

There is a lot of call for the Artist because people want a third Support option and likely aren’t aware that it’s a poor choice.

To me this means that the Devs should either rebalance the class and make it a Support or release another Support and not instead go back to making a the 18th DPS or whatever it is.


This is the truth but some artist hide behind the lie of “game need more supports” when game is totally fine with the actual ones and players would choose pally and bard over artist all the time.

OP has said it all. Artist realease will increase the amount of bad support as some bard and pallys will switch to artist beside the new ppl interested on artist.

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