Stop asking for artist to increase "supports"

Oh I see! Ty for the info! I hope they upgrade sups, but I have no idea of what that could entail.

I love playing support. But Bard soo isn’t my thing. The way she looks, the sounds, the effects. Not gonna play that. But I would loove to have another support. So as soon as artist releases I’ll play another sup, but not right now.
We were talking in DC yesterday, it would be cool to have an arthetinian support, like a medic with heal towers, buff laz0rs etc.

Ayayayas assemble!

Torn between taking a break till Artist release, or keep chugging away gathering mats for a gigahone session on her release.

whatever is fun for you lol, i found fun in reaper on release so i used my mats for her BUT that doesnt mean i wont be maining artist on release haha itll just be slower. BUT i bet they will release her with a hyper express event or something so saving mats may not be 100% worth it idk tho

Depends how far you want to push artist, with or without a hyper express, the GHLs and shards will be a roadblock

Personally ive got about 900k shards in bags/chests, and about 3000 GHL ready, but know i’ll be needing more GHLs for a 1490 push.