Stop being greedy cowards and take action against cheaters

Stop giving out piddly 1-3 day temp bans and letting them keep their ill gotten gains.

Give out actual punishments, and publish the list of people who are punished just like KR.

You’re running the game into the ground because you’re scared of potentially losing money if you do anything to RMTers and infinite chaos script farmers, but you won’t be making nearly as much money when your playerbase is gone because they’re tired of this.


they dont understand that the 3 day bans is the main issue here. They need to make TOS violations (of the kind of exploiting, botting, RMTing) permabans. And look at ban appeals with this nature carefully and double check if no mistakes were made so you can also filter out wrongfully banned people as that does seem to happen alot as well.


they choose to give second ‘chance’ to those RMTers,infinite choas scripts instead of permaban them. and they chose to ban ip/VPN to keep legit players away from the game. what a good move

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