Stop blaming amazon or smilegate

The fact you can’t reach 1370 fast isn’t their fault it’s your problem for not having time to play or money to swipe in the end you are a casual player and won’t be in the top 1% when the new content comes out if you are struggling to get to 1370 just wait till 1395 to 1400 weapon alone costs 330 gold 18 great leapstones and 800+ destruction stones for a 15% chance.



cool story bro


why cant you just be asmongold and spend $600 per upgrade



costs 330 gold 18 great leapstones and 800+ destruction stones for a 15% chance. 300 gold is too much lol if you failed again you have to pay other lol

korean dude who did interview said you can keep up as free to play. that was lie if asmongold has to spend money on top of viewer giving him stuff. lmao



i blame u and them all 3 of yall are clueless xD

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I am 1370 f2p with less than 170 fails/320 hrs and still blame ags and only ags bcs i find them incompetent in almost everything they do. Whats your point


Flagged by the community, because they didn’t want to see the truth…

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Wow, what another great gate keeping post. +1, mouth breather reasoning for dead zone support and publisher/developer white knighting when both companies are very much aware of the dead zone drought and the side effects of said issue.

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Wow i agree with the OP stop blaming the game and developers. This game is designed this way and you chose to play it. if you dont like it then stop playing it and move on. Stop trying to make them change a game to fit your needs. This game takes alot of time and commitment. It isnt just instant gratification. Took me 445 hours and 170 fails in order to hit 1370 completely f2p and i enjoyed every minute of it and once i hit 1370 it felt awesome!!! I understand that the game is built in a way that you have a high chance of failure so i accept that and in no way fault them. Stop trying to change this game!!!


You do realize that the current version of Korea, Japan, AND Russia all have the adjusted rates for their content, it’s gonna change eventually. Hope you don’t quit because your accomplishment of having lower fails than the average player of breaking the deadzone becomes invalidated with the Valtan patch.

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So thats another thing i have a problem with too people are comparing NA/EU to KR/RU. They are in their 3rd year of having this game, stop comparing everything to what they have. We were lucky to get t3 right off the bat and yet people are still upset we arent where they are. People get upset we dont have everything they do and then when new content gets released people are upset they cant get do that content right away. like seriously just knock that off. upgrade at whatever speed you are able to, do whatever content you are able to and enjoy the game. stop looking over the fence and enjoy your own grass

But i am curious as to what the average amount of fails is to hit 1370 so if you could let me know that would be dope!. My friend hit it in 182 fails so id imagine the average is has to be somewhere close

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249 fails here.

My other friend has 252

oh wow im sorry to hear about that. i hope you hit 1370 soon and good luck on your hones. dont get discouraged. i know i cant put myself in your shoes but i hope you keep at it and get there. itll be all the sweeter once you do!!!

Oh I’m already 1378 on the main and my buddy is 1370. Just wanted to document our honing failures xD

Pretty sure mine is inflated as a I have 2 other Tier 3 characters as well that are 1340 and 1325 respectively.

Yeah that is account wide so i can see it being hard to truly track. Grats on having 3 t3 though. Im trying to get my second t3 char up to feed my main but taking it alot slower

Have a 1362, 1310, 960, and 583. Haven’t resorted to buying mats off the AH but Honor Leapstones going from 250g to 40g has me tempted.

OK BRO. We have already adjusted all of their drop rates. Hahahaha xD

What? How are they incompetent? you get to 95% game content for free excluding p2, p3 argos. Somehow it’s still their fault? What is this mentality. I’m confused.

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