Stop blaming amazon or smilegate

249 fails here.

My other friend has 252

oh wow im sorry to hear about that. i hope you hit 1370 soon and good luck on your hones. dont get discouraged. i know i cant put myself in your shoes but i hope you keep at it and get there. itll be all the sweeter once you do!!!

Oh I’m already 1378 on the main and my buddy is 1370. Just wanted to document our honing failures xD

Pretty sure mine is inflated as a I have 2 other Tier 3 characters as well that are 1340 and 1325 respectively.

Yeah that is account wide so i can see it being hard to truly track. Grats on having 3 t3 though. Im trying to get my second t3 char up to feed my main but taking it alot slower

Have a 1362, 1310, 960, and 583. Haven’t resorted to buying mats off the AH but Honor Leapstones going from 250g to 40g has me tempted.

OK BRO. We have already adjusted all of their drop rates. Hahahaha xD

What? How are they incompetent? you get to 95% game content for free excluding p2, p3 argos. Somehow it’s still their fault? What is this mentality. I’m confused.

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You’re right… it’s morally an anti-social move when you launch a raid where you can “work towards” as long as there’s a pay-to-progress option ingame… I think it’s morally questionable, but hey… it’s free to play, if people are so stupid and pay for it, it’s their own fault…

What I see as a reason to “blame amazon and smilgate”… how to so easily hold back classes, bring out old systems that weren’t found good enough in KR and RU then in EU (PVP system) and then say “in the second season there’s a reasonable system, get annoyed at first”…

Bring out the fuc**** classes, put out the damn roadmap and stop throwing discarded systems in front of us

Thanks for your attention… as if any of these would read this


I did not specify their competence in regards to lost ark alone and did not criticize what you said at all. Decisionmaking generalized, history of them in general, communication, transparency etc. etc. are some bullet points.

why dont you guys like to stop and smell the flowers?

You can keep up as free to play if yoi have time to run numerous alts and do everything daily. Most have lives and cant do that. Why does everyone act like its a rip off if you cant be top 1% while spending 0 and being casual. I mean if that were true the game would go broke in a week and die.

Whale trolling post. Who support pay2win. Should be removed. End off.

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Is it bad when I seen the rates + cost I was like that’s not bad at all

lol man the fanboism is strong in this one…

Thank you the advice. I’m 35, I have work and family. I can’t game 70 hours a week just to unlock content. Neither am I paying 500$ a month to unlock content. That is too big of a price tag and I’m not gonna try to play market. In such games like this, all content should be available right away without crazy time gates. This is a dirty tactic to milk people of their hard earned cash. If games was supposed to generate money for company, it shouldn’t be more than 20$ a month, an equivalent to a subscription. So ye, despite loving classes and raids/ dungeons. I’m out of the game. No reason to waste time nor money. I’ll go play another game, whose developers respect gamer’s time and don’t discriminate against casuals.

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I spent $200 and played 460 hours in 5 weeks and still haven’t reached 1370. Am I crazy to think that $200 in 5 weeks and 460 hours is a pretty good investment for a single person? I don’t think everyone is asking to be apart of the top 1%, but I do think they want to participate in all the activities without having to spend thousands of dollars or devote 12-18 hours a day to one game.

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Yeah exactly. If you don’t want to swipe or do mind numbing repetitive content for hours on end it’s a you problem. The game just isn’t for you and the best thing you can do is leave. That’s what I did. These forums are literally more entertaining than the game itself.

Ok, but stop calling it a game when it’s actually a job.

Honestly its not even that expensive yet. You can get like 20-30 great honor leapstones a day.