Stop bots, Make confirmation windows appear at random screen locations

Since bots use pixels to work, just make confirmations windows appear at random screen location each time.

Bots will be fkd and not able to confirm, turn in quest, enter dung or complete anything other than by rng right position windows :wink:

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It’s not the '90s anymore, you’re not going to stump modern botters with that. Even AHK scripts could just search for the pixels.

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That helps less than you might think if you’re looking at something with features equivalent to AHK, it’s not hard to find the button programmatically.

That said, I would like to insert some things to desync them. I sort of feel like AGS ought to look at the bot trains and catch the 100s of bots following the same trails.

from what i read they use “screen coordinate” and need a precise setup, scale, resolutions, options toggled off… why those requirements if it’s that simple to find pixels ?

Right but when you click on them correctly you are rewarded with blue crystals kk ty