Stop Compared Wester and Eastern Lost Ark

I really enjoyed this game and I do like how the way they run Lost Ark. Slow but steady. I don’t know why y’all keep runs in and comparing. “South Korean already have this,they already release that,and they’ve this already”.
Ok then why don’t y’all just playing South Korean version then,and why y’all playing Western version for what reason? They’ve everything y’all need,they release everything y’all want. Why y’all comes in and complaint?

For me the way it run right now perfect. They slowly release new class,they slowly release event. That’ll be fine for me,cause that way I always have something to do and enjoy the game. I don’t want everything release all together,and that make the game less fun.

If I complaint then I’ll complaint about gender lock that it,or add Animal class that not gender look that can heal team mate.

This is how I look,and how I feel the game. For the rest if y’all keep complaint and compared then like I said. Please go playing South Korean Lost Ark. That’ll make all of your complaint result.

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Because you need an KR national ID to create an account and even if you buy an account/make someone give you his ID, they will ban you permanently if they caught you using VPN.

Let me guess, you are a casual.


So just because you are fine with getting an inferior product, others have to fall in line?

Many of the things people ask for have no negative impact on your experience. No one is telling you to stop having fun, but don’t try to be patronizing when others ask for things that have no negative impact on you (in fact it’s probably a boon) and improve the overall game. I don’t see how having more class releases is negative to you having fun. You can play those classes whenever you want at your own pace, but you would deprive them from people who would like to play them. That’s really selfish.

If people could play in South Korea, they would already be playing, but there are issues with the ID and high ping.


why don’t y’all just playing South Korean version then,and why y’all playing Western version for what reason?

Because we literally cannot. I think a lot of players would go and play on the Korean client if we could, but we don’t have a KR ID, and the ping would likely turn off some players who play faster classes (like GS).

This is how I look,and how I feel the game.

I’m happy for you. Not everyone is in the same boat. Just because you really like how they are handling the content cadence, does not mean everyone will.


Just enjoy the game. We have what we have. We will get everything Korea has. It’s just the pacing is too slow for people to spend their time.

I’ve been on this forum for about a week and the conclusion is that most posts on here are likely complains about everything and anything. Just don’t let the flamers get you down, play at your pace an enjoy the game for what it in, A game.

Side note: Would love to see a Female Paladin introduced to this game. (fingers crossed)


xD maybe after the female zerker thats supposed to come “next”

I hope so too. Would love to see the female zerker in action as well.

Some of the things KR has, which was added recently, has made the game enjoyable again for me. I quit after Argos dropped and just came back. Now I get challenge guardians, challenge abyss, thronespire, more classes + power pass + honing buff to make 1370s, more skins, more consistent gold. This made me more invested in the game, gave me more variety, etc. This is a good thing, I actually feel like logging on, I actually look forward to reset.

Before this it was so damn stale.

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Complainer complaining about complainers

Gaming feedback section


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First male assasins, too many female classes anyway.

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I am not too happy to read a sentence like this. Because it is exactly the same way the opposition behaves, if someone doesn’t want new content to be spammed every 4 weeks.

I fully understand both sides’ arguements. Yet, both sides do the exact same “forcing to agree” behaviour.

That is because you completely missed the point.

There are two types of feedback. The feedback that takes away from some to give to others, and feedback that is completely positive and improves the experience.

An example of the first one is nerfing or content releases that put pressure on progression. Asking for Vykas to be nerfed takes away from the enjoyment of some to add to others. Adding more raids at a faster pace makes it less enjoyable for those who can’t keep up, creates FOMO, etc. Being against such feedback is completely normal because it’s one player defending their interests in core aspects of the game.

The second feedback is things that just add to the experience of already existing content. For example, classes are not content themselves, they are ways to experience content. Having more classes to choose from creates more variety and takes away nothing from anyone. It’s horizontal content that you can choose to play at your own pace. Them releasing classes more often does not create negative experiences for people and it’s not like Lost Ark isn’t developing new ones, so people who want to feel excited more long term for class releases, won’t have any problems. Other examples are QoL, interface, or system enhancements such as the new MVP interface, skins, etc.

My TLDR is essentially: defend things that take away from your experience, such as nerfs, and pacing of vertical content but don’t take away from players who want a better product in terms of systems, interface, and ways to experience the content that’s there.


I’m getting strong texas vibes from this post. I’m sorry it has nothing to do with the feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

Our version is ok. If they release everything at once, the same complainers will complain there is no content for 6 months. Gj AGS with the last patch. It was pretty good.

I mean sure, but the problem is that there are two types of feedbacks. One of them is very constructive, which you can see someone complain the previous event we got was dogshit, sure the free stuff is nice, but it is the worse possible event and KR agrees also. There are some good feedbacks regarding inferior content or changes we got compare to Kr version. The good example is the shadowhunter demon form which is ugly. YUCK!
Then we got the feedback where people complain about free stuff and feel entitled to get more. Good example is the global honing buff where someone complain why they didnt announce it earlier because probably they dont want people to know when and stock it all up from the market and take advantage of it Maybe? People already expected it would drop soon, but dont know when.

If we could, every other region would be dead empty cause everyone would play in KR, it because we cant that we continue to play the Western version

yh, we need a male assassin and mage after female zerker, would really like a necromancer