Stop complaining about the game

Stop complaining about the game, they are giving you a lot of materials, events and more things that shouldn’t and you still cry, it’s a game that you have to dedicate hours and hours to, you don’t have to get to 1385 or 1400 fast, we’ve only been playing for 2 months, I farmed the shangra mount and sold it for 44k gold and with that I went up to 1400, there are always ways to get it before crying…valtan is not obligatory to do it the first week there is a lot of time ahead…enjoy the game and stop demanding absurd things

Asking them to get the disgusting bot infestation this game suffers from under control isn’t an absurd request at all.

Bots are the only thing I have complained about in this game. I will continue to complain until either they actually get it under control, or I no longer care at all about this game.

If you can’t beat them, join them

Why should we stop complaining when the game feels stale and the pacing of the game is slower than my dead grandma? give more mats and dont delay valtan: coming from a guy who is easily going to hit 1415 before the update.

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Ironic its another person crying about other people crying

Me too i am crying about cryers kekw