Stop crying about bots!

Stop crying about bots!
This is mostly an EU problem, as most EU players are looking for stuff to benefit of!
I have never seen more bot issues on any other server than EU servers.
The devs cant handle the insane amount of trolls and bots due to the greed of the normal players that want free stuff fast.
If you want to help them game and the devs. STOP BUYING from bots and gold spamers. ITs the easiest fix ever.
Also take screenshots and ign and report them. It will also make the job easier for the DEVs. If the community only complains but dsn`t do anything to help, well… the bots will be here for a long time!
And about anti cheat systems. THERE IS NO ANTI CHEAT SYSTEM that can block bots or hackers as long as there is a greedy bastard that wants to hack the game.

Unite and help the devs.
Crying about stuff and not doing anything to help… well wont help anyone!
Your crazy Sorcerer supreme PVP master!

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The reason why ppl are making topic about bots is cause it fels like its starting to get out of hand.
Players can be standing in a starting zone and report over 50 bots in 20mins. You can even complete quests coz bots are insta killing mobs u need.

And it really fels like amazone dosent care
If they could give us an response that would be nice.


They will soon! They already started to fix MM and queue issues. On my side they are gone!.
They will crash down on bots as well soon just that, this is hard so bots are so easy to make and hard to remove and no system can actually protect the servers for long. :frowning: this is sad i know :(.

idk it’s a pretty big problem on NA/West too, gold->crystals are already up to 700g for 95 crystals here


Why dont you stop crying about people crying instead?

Hm? Oh, that doesnt fit your narrative. Weird that…


YOU have no idea how bad the situation on EUC is …

now u claim ur MM is fixed on US

wow it was never about the US —

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The t3 abyss dungeons reward a fair amount of gold on completion and weekly una coin chests can give a chance at 10.000 gold in one go. The inflation of gold value is a natural thing that will happen, bots or not. I’m not sure to what degree they do or don’t contribute, but inflation itself is right now not a strange thing.

From korea market board:

People will always find ways to complain. What do you expect to happen when hundreds of people buy crystals with gold?

dude. korean Server, pretty sure you get more than 100g (which we are . ) per run.


There are mounts and skins that are already 2x those prices. A “chance” at 10,000 gold is nothing. Bots have already ruined the economy

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Maybe it differs then. In EU most skins are 4k-8k atm. Only ones going sky high are cerberus and the platinum skins, which makes sense since they are getting extremely limited in supply.

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Also, I play on EU side so i know! i`m not on US side! :))

Skins are made to buy with cash! Thats pretty much the ideea. If you want free skins then expect heavy p2w content for honning etc. I`d rather pay 10euros for a skin than 1000 for p2w content,.

100,000 gold for a skin or mount when the game’s been out a few weeks and people have had a “chance” at 10k gold for max of two weeks now doesn’t tell you anything? That maybe uhh, people are buying gold from bots dirt cheap?

People who duped founder’s packs are also selling full Cerberus sets for 300k openly in area chat, and nothing was done about that either.

People who play by the rules are at a disadvantage now

who da fuq sells that 300k gold, and who da fuq will buy that skin for 300k gold? cmon man :))) thats just f troll market right there forcing ppl to buy gold when they dont need to.

The only people who are at a disadvangage when gold inflates are those hoarding gold, especially those who buy gold before it loses value. Making guardian raids on my alts and selling the leapstones to wallet warriors can net 1000+ gold per day now. This is actually an advantage for you regarding every static gold cost in the game. For example 600g for knowledge transfer is a lot cheaper when gold loses value.

But I digress. As this thread was about bots and not inflation per se, I’ll just conclude with what I said above. I’m not sure how much bots contribute or not, but it’s natural for it to happen. So you’d do well to plan for it accordingly. :slight_smile:

Edit: Another thing driving up prices is also the lack of diversity. If there were more alternative mounts / fancy costumes for sale there wouldn’t be the same pricing on the few limited edition products. Gold has a tendency to accumulate to a few people according to the pareto distribution. They gotta spend the gold somewhere.


How.long has wow been out? And they still have tons of gold spammers…dont expect them to go away any time soon, id guess maby the only way is to lock servers to no new accounts/characters period wich would mean no new players then eventually all the bots would get reported and banned

I am playing on Azena/NA and they are all over the place.

What i did notice indeed is that they disappear pretty quickly if they get reported up to the point at where they started to whisper instead of posting in the area chat.

Gold’s value isn’t inflating. It’s deflating. You have to spend more gold to get the same number of crystals. This was anticipated by most Youtube/Twitch players with experience of other regions. There is a lot of gold coming into the game at T3 from daily activities. While at T1 100 gold is a lot to you, it’s chump change to a T3 character.

Deflation therefore can be argued to be strongly linked to normal in-game supply. If I have 10k gold coming in per day I’m certainly going to be willing to spend more of it on some crystals to help me buy honing mats than you are if you only have 200 gold per day. However you could argue the other side, that people are not so keen to spend real world money on crystals and it’s a short supply of those which is driving the prices of them up.

How much it can be linked to RMT activity is not easy to judge. The more well known sites for such things have seen their prices for gold drop from ~$5/1k gold to under $2/1k in just two weeks. That indicates a massive glut of gold on their side; and may indeed be showing a reluctance from players to buy it. One thing it definitely shows to be untrue is any impact of player or AGS actions on their acquisition of said gold.

“Inflation is the rate of increase in prices over a given period of time.”
“Deflation is the general decline of the price level of goods and services .”

Sounds like inflation to me. But in all other matters I agree with you.