Stop deleting post that you don't like

I didn’t make a post against the rules, I was asking if we could accept the pheons, last time you gave us and the next day you put all us in negative, it’s a simple question if we can keep them or not.


Censoring customer publications and censoring developer’s art.

This is how they work now, one of the biggest companies in the land of the free.


It’s a legit question. Last time they said it was fine to keep and use, then changed their mind and decided to fuck everyone that used it.

100 is a lot of pheons and more than they’ve ever given us.

Probably best to hold off on spending/claiming them for a few days just to make sure it wasn’t a mistake and you don’t end up in the negative.

Mine also got deleted when I asked…

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you were being too smarty pants
Come on! Behave. Their actions deserve our respect :rofl:

Pretty sure the most we’ve gotten at once was 137 for the Western launch celebration package.

I could be wrong but I dont ever remember getting 100+ at once. The welcome challenge and first month or two of release had several ways to get them that may have totaled 137 or even more.

but I don’t think we got that many at one time, other than the great pheon-gate scandal, where people ended up in the negative.

Copy paste:

The Launch Celebration Gift is set to release in the game on February 19th at 11:59 a.m. PT, and will be available to claim through March 1st at 11:59 p.m. PT. The items can be claimed simply by logging into the game between these dates. The Launch Celebration Gift will contain the following items:

  • Vehicle Selection Chest (choice of either mount)
    • Terpeion
    • Terpeion of the Shadow
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream Instrument Skin Selection Chest
  • Healing Battle Item Chest x10
  • Offensive Battle Item Chest x10
  • Legendary Rapport Selection Chest x3
  • Weekly Trade Potions Pack (1 Leap’s Essence and 9 Minor Life Energy Potion)
  • Phoenix Plume x20

No pheons in that one.

Doesn’t really matter. I am joking about holding off. This appears to be intended since it was the same amount of pheons given to KR. Just salty that the game has been mismanaged this badly that this joke could even be taken seriously.

Edit: Nvm you were right, we got 132 in one pack and I linked a different one.

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It was the pack with the Lost Ark globe stronghold structure.

Jesus dont act like it wasnt for trolling.
You know it, I know it, everybody knows it.

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what trolling? they gave us pheons (they published it in all social media) then it was a mistake but like just a few people used the “exploit” people who didn’t use those pheons could use them, next day you were deducted, sorry if I lost the trust?

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I was wrong.

You were correct. We received 132 with that pack.

Thanks for the info, I didn’t remember getting that many at once.

No. They did send us an unofficial “gift” that was unintentional.
Now we got an official “message” that we will get 100x pheon and other stuff. Feel the difference please. Its not hard.

And before you say that “stop whiteknighting”… this is common sense.

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The other was an official message too but whatever you say, we got a double confirmation of roxx just to be a lol no, you are deducted, next day. I won’t say you are a white knight I would just say get a better memorie or use the finder to search for the post. I won’t do the job for you, this is common sense.

I dont really remember that we got an official forum message that we will get 10x pheon on EVERY CHARACTER, but if there was a message like this, then please show me.

we got an official answer saying we could use them after maintenance (with double check) just to change it next day look for it, and also we didn’t know the gift was unintentional until they said so, thats why Im asking. Again look for them I won’t, also I can’t show you the threads in social media because they deleted them. I don’t know why are you so worried about an honest question and not that they change their decisions all the time. What a formal business.

But now we got AN OFFICIAL MESSAGE that we will get it. So why is not clear for you?
You were trolling and thats why was your old topic was deleted. End of the story. Bye.

If is trolling for you, first no one asked, second I didn’t break the rules against the forum, it was a question. Better be sure to read them again buddy. This guy can’t understand they made 2 oficial statements saying that we could use pheons and then they deducted them :frowning:

The actual timeline of this was:

  • They sent an intended gift to everyone
    People could claim it on multiple characters (makes sense cuz 10 pheons per char and a tripod costs 7, possibly intended by AGS? It was fitting as the tripod update was 2 days later)

  • Published said gift on social media

  • Apparently there was an exploit, 8h emergency maintenance

  • Roxx steps forward after the maintenance, claiming people are free to keep the pheons. They were able to hotfix whatever caused the exploit of this being unintended
    The CM says people are free to keep and use them. Surely i can trust the only people that are actually the bridge between AGS/SG Team and the community.

  • A day later the pheons get deducted, people go into negatives because they had trusted whatever the CM said.
    This is where trust is broken, people went into negatives after spending the pheons CMs said were fine to use since they were able to fix whatever the “exploit” was. Spent on tripods since the update for that is in literally 2 days.
    On top of going negative pheons, people could not even buy engraving books or anything else that does not require pheons until they are positive pheons.

So the only possibility to fix this issue was to either spend real money or spend gold on pheons. Surprise surprise, most people who got free pheons and are only able to make purchases with free pheons who would otherwise not be able to due to lack of gold to buy pheons, which is very much the case for many players who didn’t have a full 6 character roster and one of the most meaningful updates to make your character stronger was just around the corner. Where am i pulling these numbers from? According to CMs compensation notice, 95% of players claimed the pheons on 3 characters or less, hence we got 30 pheons about a week or two later.
How many of those rosters are robots is up to anybody’s imagination.

Sadly the cash Shop was not working properly until a hotfix 2 days later that also fixed the interaction with books and pheons.
And now to top all of that off, this was when the golden toad was introduced and engravings dropped by 25%+ in literally a single day, leaving many players without the chance to even buy any.

The main issue is that a CMs word means absolutely nothing since they can just go “oopsie we said A but it is actually B my bad!” after a day and they couldn’t care less about little F2P Timmy with his level 60 roster who was only able to make the last 3 tripod purchases on his 3k gold only because of the free pheons were given out (the exchange rate was literally 3.1k per 95BC ) and he was silly enough to believe what CM said. Only to find out he cannot even buy potions to clear another vykas raid just before reset unless he swipes for ~30 pheons which is about 10 $/€. That sure leaves a great impression

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Thanks, I hope he understands it now lol